Arkansas, USA

A country drive with serene scenic highways and miles of land enhancing the beauty of Arkansas, it is a must visit state with 2 national forest that has something for everyone at every age. This road trip is from Atlanta to few sites in Arkansas mainly covering roadside attractions, scenic highways, national park and few waterfalls.
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24 responses to “Arkansas, USA”

  1. K O Avatar

    if you're not careful . people will ruin that state too..

  2. 베어문 Avatar

    Wow, I really want to visit Arkansas. Very Calm and I'd like to drive there. >ㅇ< Very very good video, Thanks!!!

  3. Natural State Living (Arkansas) Avatar

    You did a great job capturing the majesty of Arkansas!

  4. 34 100TV Avatar

    which camera are you using please? Nice

  5. Miyoko Takahoshi Avatar

    Arkansas is so beautiful, and quiet. I want to live there. Are there any minorities there? Are the people friendly there n not racist? Pet friendly? Cost of living? Crime rate? Jobs? How r Hospitals? Is it easy to access medical in case of an emeegency? Weather? Any shortage in food etc?

  6. Meredith Crossland Avatar

    Crossett, cares, more about their pit bulls, more than their children

  7. Meredith Crossland Avatar

    The men hare spent their money on bullets and guns, not mask, the trueth is what, it is

  8. Meredith Crossland Avatar


  9. Meredith Crossland Avatar

    Corrupt courts, men treat, wormen and children, terrible in this state. The ones, who, rally need help in arkansas, scant get help cause thay, have to hide, out f rom the arkansas men thats, the trueth

  10. Meredith Crossland Avatar

    Arkansans value their 500 pound pít bulls and their Pi guy sues more than they do real women, and girls fact

  11. Darrell Brown Avatar

    Good place to visit, but I don't recommend living there. Find a place with no state income tax, more reasonable sales tax rates, and less crime. I would definitely avoid Little Rock, and Pine Bluff, and stick to the northern, and western portions of the state.

  12. Pete Perkins Avatar

    The power of editing. Little Rock is a sh**hole, especially the river market area. Hot Springs is great, as are the other destinations in the video.

  13. MannyScoots (CONSPIRANOID) Avatar

    This has to be one of the poorest cities in the world.

  14. Charles McGehee Avatar

    I just left California to retire in Arkansas. I love California. Don't get me wrong. But the cost to live there was breaking my back in 2 places! I put in motion a 5 year plan to improve my credit rating and began my search. I bought a fine house in beautiful surroundings. Good people here. I love Arkansas. Living and paying mortgage on a low fixed income. Money to spare at the end of the month. Produce and all other foods ant items are far cheaper and much higher quality. Blueberries for example: Fresh and the sell by date is generally at least 5 to 10 days away. The City I live in, in Yell County, is well kept. Rods are great. It i peaceful and full of trees and wildlife. Tap water is drinkable and rather tasty. If you are living in an area of the USA that is costing you a lot of money, research Arkansas. Be thorough.

  15. Misha Avatar

    Arkansas it's a great state, i lived in Hot Spring, Little Rock and Conway.

  16. RubyDawn Avatar

    Perfect piece of propaganda to bring my democratic friends to the state of AR. I will share it with them and hopefully convince them that together we can make it tolerable here 🙂 Already have gotten some to move, but want my whole democratic family 🙂 and maybe their friends too.

  17. Meredith Crossland Avatar

    The health care is nonexistent and of low standards. Pretty much it's all pretty low. I wondered why the woman even have pink pistol s.

  18. Meredith Crossland Avatar

    It's like living as if u were dead basically. The crime and poverty is unbelievable

  19. Meredith Crossland Avatar

    I have had to hide in my house for decades baracaded in for years cause of the men and women. Way out in the middle of no where for many years just to stay alive. It's extremely oppressive and depressing

  20. Meredith Crossland Avatar

    Welcome to Anal injustice and a life of pure suffering burning he'll by there wonderful woman and men who beat everyone down daily with the most highest of all moral and value standing. It's extremely hot depressing and oppressive of utmost highest quality

  21. Just Doing Chelle Avatar

    I grew up there. I have walked those trails. Thank you. Brought back good memories.

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