XINJIANG – The Ultimate Road | Risked Our Life To Travel in Xinjiang – China

THE CHINESE DREAM – Documentary & our first big movie KICKSTARTER SUPPORT LINK: us share this Dream and make it come true! Please share this Kickstarter to everyone you know and if could share any support to finish this movie after 6 years of works would be forever grateful. Now it is in the final phase of post production and need your support. We need to buy the musicians copyrights, SFX, editing, marketing & more. Please for the last time have a look on it, and let us tell you trough it when it will be ready, an incredible life story & lesson. Thank you to infinity My Movie Travel crew & Lion#thechinesedream #documentary #kickstarter We arrived at the end of our adventures after 2 years in China. Lion On The Road finished here. In Xinjiang province China, it is one of the most sensitive if not the most dangerous from travel backpacking point of view. And we had no idea before going in there because we been living in China and no access to any kind of informations. Unfortunately, this instead to be the most beautiful video across our channel this is the most sad and extreme travel Vlog in China and ever done in our travel life story. This it’s also the LAST one! After 2 years of travels across China and over 50.000km of road, we arrived at the end of this story, The end of this DREAM. This it wasn’t only a travel program for all of you but it was a story of real life which can’t be replicated in any movie in human beings lifetime. Enjoy this story, before those images, and let us know how do you feel, how do you see all this incredible trip so far and what you expect to be the next step. Thank you for being a great audience so far. It is sad to say but yeah, we arrived in the END of our travel project in China and the next roads have no idea where will take us. I hope you can spread this story to everyone you know and let them know, YES, LION it was HERE, in CHINA risking his LIFE for his crazy DREAM! After this you are all invited to watch the final movie which will be premiered in cinemas and online in 2020. Same as always – Lion on the Road China – FINISHED!Check out our channel with over hundred of videos from all over China and High Quality documentaries together with complete Fun Travel Guides: (Qinghai Lake Travel Guide) ( Chaozhou Documentary) (Lanzhou Travel Guide) (Great Wall of China) (Xinjiang Travel Guide) (Guangzhou Documentary) ( XI’AN Documentary) To know REAL China you can see other great people and places in our channel during those 3 years travel movie! Although we faced also A LOT of bad moments but also incredible good moments that makes us LOVE this place as it is! Nothing is perfect in the end so please Let us know what you think about it and consider watch 2-3 more videos in our channel to understand the great quality of movies we produce.Are you planning a trip to China? then watch the full video and playlist –
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41 responses to “XINJIANG – The Ultimate Road | Risked Our Life To Travel in Xinjiang – China”

  1. DAAS HACHEM 哈成 Avatar

    when i saw your tears i remembered those who been forced to camps in xinjang, the women who got rapid by police and ccp members, the kids who has been thrown into a prison kindergarten.. thank you for traveling xinjiang i can see your hardship.. by the way that nice history place in kashgar i wonder where are their owners???? i stand for the truth and i hope you do so please speak out for those who sufferd i mean the people of east turkeminstan or xin jiang as Chinese call it

  2. Hurt each other Macon Avatar

    After watching your filming and your narration, I can understand why the police are watching you. You came to Xinjiang with a purpose from the beginning, don't think others are fools.


  3. Doug A Avatar

    Where is "Vlog 162 Do Not Go to Shenzhen"? Thanks! I searched your account for many things (including 162) and could not find it.

  4. The Tree Keeper Avatar

    Where all the concentration camps?? You need to save 3 million people dying in the camps. Please save them!!!!!!!! Take lots of pictures and show to the world the real genocide.

  5. Mike Turner Avatar

    This guy is the strangest travel blogger. I love it.

  6. Travel With Salman Avatar

    Which camera you use for shooting your vlogs sir

  7. rick yang Avatar

    As a local tourist destination in Xinjiang, foreigners who come to Xinjiang need to register in advance, provide their passports and file with the public security, and then they can travel around Xinjiang. The root cause of all this is caused by terrorists supported by the United States.

  8. JpM Dr. Avatar

    Police and the government just wanna make sure those ordinary people like you to be safe. No matter what you complained about, you reached your endpoint safely and did enjoy landscapes in Xinjiang.

  9. richard liu Avatar

    like this video, much better than BBC fake news

  10. Mary ono Avatar

    its just like asians backpaker travell to US small county ( Nebraska etc ) by hitchhiking and complaining all the county police treatment , etc ….

    been to Xinjiang myself im Indonesian , no hassle and bussle …just enjoy

  11. Cheung Chapelier Avatar

    No way, in the theory of MSM xinjiang is a blackhole where no information can come out, how did you manage to bring a camera in? (doge)(doge)

  12. DucaTech Avatar

    Did you guys see any concentration camps while you were there?

  13. ALONE Avatar

    You are a mad guy…ha ha ha

  14. Dover Picard Avatar

    What you have showed and what you have kept saying confused me. What you were showing seems saying you had a great travel, especially for a backpacker. But on the other hand it seems you were deeply depressed. Why? I understand you have encountered lots of checking stops but that apparently were not set up for you but for some other reasons. Have you ever been threatened by the police or worse physically abused at those stops? Anyway, I am surprised you could do backpacking in China and covered 50,000km. China has changed a lot in past 30 years.

  15. Kelly Wills Avatar

    I think you lie lots.

    A Canadian friend of mine is travelling Xinjiang today. His experience is totally different then yours.

    Here's an Assie/Brit who has travelled across Xinjiang multiple times who still hasn't seen the B(ritish) S(hit) you claim to be true.

    He's a former British Bobby, he's worked in British prisons and was present at the site of one of England's terrorist attacks.

  16. Boris Nathanael Avatar

    could it be because of the pandemic? it was march, the peak of covid-19 pandemic in china. i'd assume the police are escorting you to the hotel because you'd need to self isolate for a few days upon entering the region until the test result came out negative.

  17. yuan fang Avatar

    It is not surprising that you will encounter more difficulties while traveling in China when the epidemic control is the most stringent.

  18. Infoworld Avatar


  19. John Foo Avatar

    I have telling people not to judge Xinjiang harshly before going there to check the actual situation.
    Now I change my mind. TOO MANY DAM@N CHECKING!
    So go ahead and believe all you like about Xinjiang for all I care. This over-checking is killing and make Xinjaing looks like she has a lot to hide!!!

  20. Yeray Avatar

    where can i find your vlog 162?

  21. mchikjf2 Avatar

    Like your video! Hope you had good memory there( ̄︶ ̄)

  22. z xurate Avatar

    It seems that you didn't know Xinjiang before you went to Xinjiang. Now there are many foreigners acting as spies, giving money to Uyghur people to make some films to say that China committed genocide on them. The next day, it will become CNN and BBC news. Such things have happened many times and are happening now. Foreigners will be subject to special inspection when they go, which can't be changed

  23. Heby Sugarman Avatar

    Welcome back to China,friends.

  24. Heby Sugarman Avatar

    I want to explain why there are so many checks, because there were many thugs before, they hacked many civilians, and even hacked the police, so the check is very strict,

  25. 会练英语 Avatar

    Wow ,You really wanna become famous to put vid like this !

  26. 丁一 Avatar


  27. StoriesAcrossCulture Avatar

    cool!Xinjiang is a really cool place to visit!and we are an international couple also doing vlogs in China and travel too! Feel free to check our channel😄

  28. Hannah Hsia Avatar

    I traveled in Northern Xinjiang in 2014, and the road trip was excellent.

  29. 四Muhammed Mostafa Avatar

    His name is East Turkestan or Uyghuristan, not Senjan

  30. Evis Gabriel Pabillo Avatar

    It's nice to travel around China. Be safe always as corona virus spreading around the world.

  31. ValentinoRossi 4ever Avatar

    Future Cola? hahahaha 🤦🏽‍♂️🤪😂Made in China?!?

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