Why is Haiti In This Condition? What’s Positive About Haiti?

We hear only of foreign interventions, poverty, political turmoil, natural disasters, and the general struggles the country is suffering from. There is little to nothing about many of the positive aspects of this beautiful land. Anything positive?Check out these additional channels by J-irie (1) Caribbean Travel Adventures: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbpbS2NlicZM-nT5_L8qhqA(2) Caribbean Sports: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVOjKpSZxJYB4qe8oOs4Q3w0:00 – Why is Haiti The Way It Is? 1:10 – The Price and History of Freedom In Haiti 3:12 – Haiti’s Troubled Path 4:57 – American Occupation of Haiti 5:38 – Natural Disasters In Haiti 7:00 – The Natural Beauty of Haiti 8:10 – Notable Haitians Celebrities 9:32 – Haitians’ Resilience 11:18 – Rich Haitian Culture 13:15 – The Other Side of HaitiCaribbean Travel, Resorts, and attractions: https://jirietravel.com Travel Insurance: https://jirietravel.com/travel-insurance/ _______________________________________________ Jirie Caribbean Blog: https://www.jirie.com _______________________________________________ https://www.facebook.com/JirieCaribbean https://www.instagram.com/jiriecaribb… Online Store https://jirie.net/​ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ► For copyright queries or general inquiries, please get in touch: JirieCaribbean@gmail.com and we will take any necessary action to fix any issues as expeditiously!Sources/References:
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21 responses to “Why is Haiti In This Condition? What’s Positive About Haiti?”

  1. Allende Robles Avatar

    Omg Haiti 🇭🇹 in the same island of Hispaniola

  2. Dashie MGP Avatar

    Hello guys dont forget that Venezuela is the best kept secret of the Caribbean region. In fact about 2,500-3,000 years ago, farmers and potters related to the Arawak-speakers of northeast of actual Venezuela established a pathway into the Caribbean. Using the delta fingers of Orinoco River Basin like highways, they travelled from the interior to coastal Venezuela and pushed north into the Antilles islands of the Caribbean Sea, settling Puerto Rico and eventually moving westward. Their arrival ushered in the region’s Ceramic Age, marked by agriculture and the widespread production and use of pottery.

    Over time, nearly all genetic traces of Archaic Age people vanished, except for a holdout community in western Cuba that persisted as late as European arrival. Intermarriage between the two groups was rare, with only three individuals in the study showing mixed ancestry.

    Many present-day Cubans, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are the descendants of ancient people from Venezuela , as well as European immigrants and enslaved Africans. But researchers noted only marginal evidence of Archaic Age ancestry in modern individuals.

    And even today, with economic crisis happening in Venezuela, the Antilles is seeing an influx of alot of South Americans (mainly Venezuelans) on the islands. In a couple years, if this trend continues, the whole demographic landscape of the islands can change again.

  3. Wilson Breige Avatar

    Gosh Haiti sounds so beautiful 😍

  4. Bryan Mejia Avatar

    you see haiti has beautiful i dont know why thay whant to take the dominican republic from the dominicans people instede of fix ther country thay whant to blame the dominican republic for ther problems live my dominican republic alown

  5. VIVA RAMA Avatar

    The people of Haiti are poor. Haiti the country is rich with 100 billion dollars of resources in it’s soils. Get your facts right stop the lies.

  6. Gardy Joseph Avatar

    I truly enjoyed your coverage of Haiti, very professional and very informative. Congratulations for a job well done.

  7. Ginio Lamy Avatar

    Land of brown mountains ⛰️

  8. Marie romain Avatar

    Thanks for the documentary. Like we say all the time throughout our TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS "BEHIND ⛰️ 🌄 🏔 MOUNTAINS, THERE ARE MOUNTAINS "…
    #We remain RESILIENT………

  9. Katies Korner Avatar

    Why did they not mention the PARSLEY MASSACURE of the Hatians by Dominian Republic?

  10. Katies Korner Avatar

    Haiti has Oil, Gold, Uranium etc. The only reason they are in such dire straights is because of POLITICIANS including UN, Clintons, Obama and Big Oil Greed.

  11. Shawt Finga Avatar

    Haiti curse is colonialism.the same gose for the African countries

  12. Ordenado y Simple Avatar

    Mus leading and false information . There's nothing positive about Haiti today . A failed state governed by tyrants who have never cared for their own people . Have kept t99 % of the populace in dire mystery and starvation . No education , no running water , no security , no electricity , no hospitals , nothing ! For 220 years of independence what has Haiti to show for their "freedom"" ? They are free to starve to death , to due from cholera , aids , violence , what freedom are you talking about ? Ask the millions of Haitians who have fled that freedom ! Millions of Haitians deny their nationality because they feel ashamed of their corrupt governments . Positives ? Where is it ? The only positive for Haiti us that they are located next to DR , the negative for the DR is that Haiti us located next door . What a joke of a video !

  13. I Don't Play With School Work!!! Avatar

    Because of the black magic, witchcraft, and voodoo sorcery. Wherever have these things, especially at that scale— its just normal to see slow or stunted growth. The first black independent country, but lagging in the region.

  14. dale stuart Avatar

    its negative in haiti because they are voodoo and devil worshipers. so long as they continue with voodoo nothing but bad luck will come out of that island.

  15. ALEX SKATIT Avatar

    Haiti will remain in this condition as long as it stays under the knees of the US. Only China could help Haiti but it is too far and the US won't allow it. Haitians elected a president, the US/France did not like the result and had him deposed. Since the west won't let Haitians chose their leaders, the only option is for Haitians to migrate to the US by any means necessary.

  16. Wally G Avatar

    As a proud Haitian who was born and raised on the Island; I really appreciate your video bcz it provided a succinct and balanced representation of the Island and the people.

    Too often whenever Haiti’s mentioned in the news or otherwise, all u here is that “we are the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere,” & it stops there.
    There’s usually no additional context regarding the multiplicity of reasons why.

    Most people don’t realize that the payments we ultimately to the French (which depleted our treasury), was ironically made after we sought help from another “recently independent nation in the Western Hemisphere,” the US and was denied.
    The US declined to support us (((some of the debates as to what American policy should be regarding the newly independent “Saint Domingue” is captured in US congressional records…such as the dilemma of heaving diplomatic relations w/ Haitians whilst also treating their own blacks as livestock.))) …One of the other reason the US chose not to support our independence was bcz France was an ally, & France Bankrolled the American Revolution.

    When we realized how truly alone we were, we agreed to France’s demands & traded the Physical Chains & Shackles of Slavery for newer more subtle Economic chains of Generational Debt.

    While this is not the only reason we are where we are today, it certainly is a Hugely influential factor.

    So again thank you for @ least acknowledging this deeply emotional topic.

  17. Nelia Then Avatar

    He forgot that the invation to The Dominican or Spaniards was by well armed African mitary French army, and that going to the Capital Santo Domingo killed all Spanish and their offsprings on their way, and forced them to pay the French.

  18. Таслия Халиуллина Avatar

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  19. C Martin Avatar

    Wow! You said things I really enjoyed, I can now have an appreciation for Haitians stronger than before.

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