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From legendary filmmaker Don Hahn and Disney Files Magazine Editor Ryan March comes “Disney Drop-In,” a Disney Vacation Club series of unscripted videos filmed in interesting Disney places with equally interesting Disney people. In this episode, Ryan visits the Wonderland-inspired home of actor, author and entrepreneur Ashley Eckstein, known to many Disney fans for originating the role of Star Wars hero Ahsoka Tano and for creating the fan-fashion company Her Universe.Ryan drops in as he and Ashley’s mutual friend Bret Iwan – a talented artist and the official voice of Mickey Mouse – illustrates Ashley’s whimsical visions for her unfinished living spaces, and returns later to see those visions brought to life. You’ll also meet Ashley’s understanding husband, former Major League Baseball star David Eckstein (a two-time World Series champion, including one with the then-Disney-owned Anaheim Angels), who shows off his own small space, inspired by Casey’s Corner on Main Street, U.S.A.SUBSCRIBE:​About Disney Vacation Club: Disney’s innovative vacation-ownership program helps families vacation as they wish while saving money on decades of future travels. Members customize every trip, choosing from a diverse array of villa-style Disney Vacation Club Resorts and thousands of other vacation options and destinations around the world, from the Disney destinations you know and love to the exotic places you’ve only dreamed of visiting.Connect with Disney Vacation Club Online: Visit the Disney Vacation Club WEBSITE:​ Like Disney Vacation Club on FACEBOOK:​ Follow Disney Vacation Club on PINTEREST:​This promotional material is a timeshare solicitation and is not an offer in any jurisdiction where the timeshare is not registered. See important timeshare disclosures link:​Connect with Disney Parks Online: Visit the Disney Parks WEBSITE:​ Follow Disney Parks on TWITTER:​ Follow Disney Parks on TUMBLR: #DisneyVacationClub #DisneyFilesOnDemand
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21 responses to “Visiting Ashley Eckstein’s Wonderland-Inspired Home | Disney Files On Demand”

  1. Paige Steiner Avatar

    I would love to stay the night at her house lol

  2. 🎄iconiclilly🎄 Avatar

    I’m being the mad hatter for Halloween!

  3. Aerys Targaryen II Avatar

    Surprised Disney didn't sue her or threaten to take the decorations down. Probably because she never put spider-man up somewhere

  4. Andrew Chapman Avatar

    What a cool lady, with an AMAZING home and design sense! Props to everyone who helped put this place together.

  5. Joseph Lloyd Avatar

    The Flamingo wallpaper was wonderful! The cat wall was My favorite!! 😁👍💕🏆🌼🍃

  6. Tyler Kochman Avatar

    She could at least have given him a basement, rather than just a corner

  7. kathy Thompson Avatar

    Wow! Some very, very, very creative and talented people to bring this Disney dream to fruition. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea it is truly, truly enchanting! Congratulations on your beautiful home! And the mud room is fabulous too!

  8. Marie Benovil Avatar

    One of my favorite stories.

  9. Matt Avatar

    She has been bitten by the Disney bug. She is now hypnotized to worship the corporate power Disney. Disney is now evil.

  10. Nathan the trash can Avatar

    I would actually hate living here. Disney adults need to chill

  11. RaQi Avatar

    These “adults” need to grow up!!!

  12. Megan Ruch Watercolors Avatar

    It's truly magical!!!! Love it! My late sister always felt like Alice! She had one little room like wonderland!

  13. Christ Follower Avatar

    Repent. Have faith in Jesus Christ. He is your ONLY way to true salvation ❣

  14. Joel Hammitt Avatar

    I can’t say how much you have inspired me you make me really wanna do a house like that! Thank you so much. You make me wanna yell to the top of my lungs and say this house is amazing!!

  15. Brian Ellinger Avatar

    Give it to your dad your actual father because he would know what to do with it because it's actually his

  16. Judy Whiting Avatar

    AVSOLUTELY WONDERLANDERFUL!!!…l used to collect Disbey moons ago….THAT l love it…where oh where did it come from-love oversized items…l have two HUGE clocks.that l found…..such a darling couple…only a REAL nan would be ok living in a fantasy World..KUDOS.TO YOU…he needs a mini hot dog stand in his beautiful corner…..LOVED IT

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