Touring America’s Quirkiest Towns: Intercourse and Bird In Hand!

Tinagirl Travels takes you to a couple of strangely named towns in Rural Pennsylvania, USA called Intercourse and Bird in Hand. These Amish communities will delight you with their laid back charm and have you planning your own Amish getaway. Check out the souvenirs Tinagirl brings home to remember her fun adventure. Be sure to subscribe to her channel so you won’t miss out on her upcoming videos.My Studio Equipment Yeti Microphone with Boom Arm: Rode Wireless Mic System: Studio lighting: Go Pro Hero 11: iPhone 13 Pro Max: an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases While this is an unsponsored review, using this affiliate link, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases when you use the link(s) above. This helps my channel without any impact on the price you pay. I appreciate your support!Follow me on Instagram:… Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook:… Email me:
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11 responses to “Touring America’s Quirkiest Towns: Intercourse and Bird In Hand!”

  1. Sherry Cortes Avatar

    Amazing job reporting . And I agree with you on “Chinese items “ and heavy traffic

  2. 🧳TRAVEL TIMES🧳 Avatar

    Great you contacted the city there. Those are definitely legit concerns 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Stupid Man Avatar

    Traffic has been a problem there for decades but more highways would only kill the character of the town even more. 100% agree on the Chinese junk though.

  4. Karen C. Avatar

    Hi, nice video.. I love that whole area. 😊 Where is the link to the hotel?

  5. P Kell Avatar

    The state of Pa and federal government wanted to build a major Highway to by pass RT 340 and RT 30 and the Amish got together and said no way because they would have to sell part of their farms. Between intercourse and bird in hand going towards Leola you can see where the State started to build 2 exits and just stopped many yrs ago. Also Lancaster County pa has the most Preserved land in the U S as a County it's over 110,000 Acres

  6. P Kell Avatar

    Most stores now sell China products

  7. P Kell Avatar

    Rt 340 is really busy but nothing like RT 30 especially at all the outlets one of the busiest roads in the Nation.

  8. Joan Shute Avatar

    Oh Tina girl I just found your Channel. I must say I Love, Love, Love Lancaster Pa. We have been going there for 30years . You have great videos. We go every year to Lancaster. Thank you for sharing this with us. So until next time God Bless you and your husband and have a Blessed day and Stay Safe my dear friend. 😊 Happy Easter to you both.

  9. Jacques Mertens Avatar

    It's a straight line from Bird In Hand to Intercourse.
    Why did you skip Paradise, Blue Ball, Fertility and Virginville?

  10. Tinagirl Travels Avatar

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