Top 10 BEST Things To Do In Key West Florida | Discover The MAGIC of Key West

Are you looking for the best places to explore and experience the tropical beauty of Key West Florida? Stick around! I’m going to give you a great list of the top 10 things to do in Key West Florida- from beaches, delicious cuisine, and nightlife, there’s something here for everyone who visits. Like many others I’ve always been drawn to the charm and picturesque landscape of Key West. With so much to experience here, it can be overwhelming trying deciding what activities should take top priority. That’s why today I’m sharing my personal list of the top 10 most popular activities to do in the area. In this video, we’re going to list off some of the top things to do in Key West! Starting off with Mallory Square, this popular square is home to a number of restaurants and shops. Duval Street is a flow of walkable, colorful bars and restaurants. Hemingway Home Museum is a must-see for any fan of the author, and mangrove islands are a nice break from the city. Finally, Jet skiing and Fort Taylor Park are perfect for a day out.So if you’re visiting Key West Florida, make sure to check out these top attractions!✨Tips and Recommendations✨ ✅Bring sunscreen – Key West is a very sunny place with high temperatures most of the year round! ✅Wear comfortable shoes – you will be doing a lot of walking around town during your stay. ✅Make reservations for popular restaurants in advance – many places get booked up quickly so plan ahead if you want to make sure you can dine at the best spots. ✅Pack light – traffic on the small island can be congested so it’s best to travel as lightly as possible.[ LAST WEEK’S VIDEOS ] 🔴TOP 10 BEST places to visit in CANARY ISLANDS of SPAIN 👉 🔴Top 10 Travel Destinations To Visit In 2023 👉 🔴Top 10 CARIBBEAN islands to visit or retire! MUST SEE 4K Video! 👉 🔴TOP 10 BEST Beaches in Florida! You Won’t Believe! 4K VIDEO 👉 🔴The BEST Beaches in California REVEALED | MUST SEE 4K VIDEO 👉 🔴10 AMAZING Things To Do In MAURITIUS 👉 🔴How to Spend 5 Days in Maui | The Perfect Itinerary 👉 🔴10 AMAZING Things To Do In CANCUN | CANCUN 2023 👉❤️ Thanks for watching Exotic Vacation! 🌎 Subscribe for more travel tips and advice from experienced travelers! 👉 🔔 Hit the bell next to subscribe so you never miss a video!———————————————————————– Song: x50 – Miss U Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: ———————————————————————–⏱Timestamp: 00:00 # Intro 00:24 # NUMBER 10:Take a stroll along Mallory Square  01:32 # NUMBER 9:Explore Duval Street 02:28 # NUMBER 8:Visit the Hemingway Home 03:24 # NUMBER 7:Kayak at Key West National Wildlife Refuge 04:16 # NUMBER 6:Check out the Southernmost Point Buoy 05:02 # NUMBER 5:Watch the waterfowl, ospreys 05:51 # NUMBER 4:Take an exciting Jet Ski Adventure around the island 06:43 # NUMBER 3:Explore Key West’s rich history at the Ernest Hemingway Museum 07:33 # NUMBER 2:Visit Fort Taylor Historic State Park 08:17 # NUMBER 1:Take a walking tour of Old Town#keywest #keywestflorida #keywestlife #TRAVEL
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20 responses to “Top 10 BEST Things To Do In Key West Florida | Discover The MAGIC of Key West”

  1. Exotic Vacation Avatar

    What activities in Key West stand out to you as must-do experiences?

  2. Luiza Ol Avatar

    Great video about the best Things To Do In Key West Florida, this place is very beautiful, thanks for sharing this interesting video, I loved it!

  3. Htet Yenny Avatar

    Florida is one of the paradise in the world. A lot of things to explore in Florida, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, enjoyable activities, and so on. It is incredible to see the best things to do in key west Florida.

  4. stephanie_filzenn Avatar

    I always wanted to travel, after watching this video I was more motivated to want to see this wonderful place Key West Florida.

  5. Rodney Peña Avatar

    Thank you for bringing us this video, the information is very clear and precise and it is perfectly understood, it fed me with a lot of information that I did not know

  6. Pecilah Owino Avatar

    The best things to do in Key West, Florida, are expertly described in this video. The wide information provided provides a thorough overview for anybody who are considering visiting this magnificent location. I admire the effort put forth to highlight Key West's natural splendor and tourist attractions. I can't wait to directly experience these amazing adventures, I'm really excited.

  7. Brian Andrew Avatar

    if i ever visit Key West Florida i am going to do these fun activites for sure

  8. Ibrahimkhail Jahangir Avatar

    Oh my God! my favorite beach is nowhere near this top! so I must know them! preferably in that order!

  9. Sotero De Sousa Avatar

    Great, my favorite was in the top 5 but well, it's just my personal taste.

  10. Brendan Neufeld Avatar

    Wonderful! I love this mole!!!! Thanks for sharing it

  11.  Deniz Baysal Avatar

    Very good channel, I liked this information about luxuries this good video and content that they share with us.

  12. asap kenya Avatar

    For me stroll on Duval Street: It's definitely heart of Key West's nightlife.

  13. joana joao Avatar

    all my friends here talk about florida and especially west florida, after watching this video my desire to get to know florida only increased by 100% haha this summer doesn't escape me

  14. tovo RAKOTOARISOA Avatar

    Very interesting video. Florida is one of the best place in the world to visit and all the activity are insane

  15. Dagaga Fantahun Avatar

    Wow what a beautiful video there is many places I knew thank you so much

  16. Erica A Avatar

    I'll keep this list with me to do when I go to Key West, I'm sure it will be a very fruitful trip! Thanks for the tips.

  17. Milky Way Avatar

    Florida is perhaps most famous for its beautiful beaches and as the East Coast home of Mickey Mouse. There are, however, many other things Florida is famous for, like its food, its natural beauty, and a few other things that many don't know.

  18. minimap 01 Avatar

    I have been to Key West 2 times. I absolutely love it there. I only wish that the shopping was cheaper. I love to shop and I can not afford anything in the shops.

  19. K-LYRICS Avatar

    I've never been to Florida and I would say that this land is beautiful, all the places indicated in this video are all amazing and it's very aesthetic to look at. If one day I would be able to go to Florida I will definitely will visit these places.

  20. Computer Tech Lab Avatar

    Wow amazing places in Key West Florida,the restaurants and bars oh l love me my beverages!! I would love to visit all these sightings but the most fascinating is the Mangrove Funnel, now there l am bringing my camera. This was a beautiful adventure thank you for sharing such beauty of Key West Florida.

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