Top 10 best places to visit in Corfu Greece 2022 | What to do and attractions

Top 10 best places to visit in Corfu Greece 2022 | What to do and attractions Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea located between the west coast of Greece and Italy. Thanks to the many olive trees that grow here, Corfu Island has gained a reputation as a “Green Island”. Corfu has many attractions for any tourist: the northern and eastern coasts are for those who want to enjoy water sports, coastal fun and intense nightlife, while the west and south coasts, much quieter and more isolated, untouched areas of civilization or, say, less ‘transformed’, is addressed to those who want a more relaxed vacation. To help you decide here is our top 10 best places to visit in Corfu Greece in 2022.0:00 Rovinia beach 0:40 Corfu Town 1:28 Agios Gordios 2:02 Glass Skywalk 2:42 Kerasia 3:18 Kassiopi Castle 3:58 Agios Georgios 4:33 Greek Night @ Maistro Restaurant 5:13 Barbati beach 5:57 La GrotaYou can support the production of these beautiful videos by . You help us to produce more videos. Thank you!Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! you for watching!
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48 responses to “Top 10 best places to visit in Corfu Greece 2022 | What to do and attractions”

  1. A C Avatar

    Any recommendation for places to go near East Corfu? I will be staying close to Perama.

  2. Blain Avatar

    1:30 I'm going straight to that beach!

  3. Paweł Malica Avatar

    Wrzucanie filmu bez żadnego komentarza to bez sensu.

  4. vlad96 # Avatar

    I was in Corfu. You miss a lot with this video🤣

  5. ABCJelly Avatar

    😁😁 Excited to go here August 2023

    Haven't been travelling since 2020 cos of covid pandemic & school but glad to going travelling again

    Corfu lookin beautiful 😍🏝️

  6. EXI LOGOS Avatar

    Jasenovac First konc lager for kids Magnum Crimen

  7. Alex Dobryak Avatar

    был на Корфу в 2020 это было очень классным и запоминающимся путешествием. Хочу снова!

  8. techscrew2 Avatar

    This video makes corfu look rubbish.
    But it’s actually a really nice place.

  9. Oriana Canto Avatar

    La joya del Jonico, también es hermoso Creta, Santorini , Mykonos etc.

  10. Amy Avatar

    I'm going in two weeks can't wait ❤️🙏❤️

  11. Irinaавв Ackermann Avatar

    Очень понравилось ,красота

  12. wmazazel azazel Avatar

    instead of making nonsense references like la grotta maistro barbati you could just mention places like palaiokastritsa, paradise, giali, porto timoni, canal d amur, south sandy beaches like marathias, achileio, house and tomb of ioannis kapodistrias, agios spyridonas and many many others. the only one from the best places to visit in corfu in this video is the corfu town.

  13. Jason Martin Avatar

    Never been. Looks great. I'd like to visit last week of October. Would it be hot still and more importantly would tourist attractions still be open like boat trips, scuba etc?

  14. argyros_tina Avatar

    Πολύ όμορφα να είστε καλα !! 🇺🇸🇬🇷

  15. panos cryptodev Avatar

    where is arillas? Great beach and has a nudist part too
    Palaiokastritsa?Maybe the best beach of Corfu together with Myrtiotissa beach
    Glyfada beach? Better than Barbati that has small pebbles everywhere
    Sidari also has canal d'amour beach.Loggas was great too before rocks collapse
    Pelekas is also worth it even if i hate the road to the beach

  16. Armaholic Avatar

    If you'd like a tip from a local, Prasoudi Beach is way better than Kerasia also Arilla beach is amazing

  17. Dalibor Simic Avatar

    1. Ostrvo Vido-Plava grobnica

  18. Soffi Ukraine Avatar

    Озвучуи звичайно не вистачає

  19. Ferniegirl Avatar

    We love Corfu and tend to stay in the NE, Kassiopi, Avlaki, Nissaki, Kaminaki, Barbati areas. Rent a boat from Kaminaki and pootle up and down the coastline, stopping off to snorkel in little coves, then lunch at Taverna Agni in Agni bay…. bliss!

  20. Zig&Rillo Zig&Rillo Avatar

    Show us the plastic waste
    The wild dogs running

  21. Elocvent G. Avatar

    horrible selection, all with rocks…Glyfada would be the best beach, no rocks, all sand

  22. Rosella Carosio Avatar

    Scelte poco atte a mostrare le bellezze dell' isola!

  23. Frokolini Avatar

    barbati beach hmu for accomodation 50 metres from the beach

  24. Stella Koulouris Avatar

    You haven't been to Corfu unless you explore the Southern part of the island. It's truly magical!

  25. Shaun Pierce Avatar

    1:30 she'll never drown 🤣🤣

  26. ItzNathz Avatar

    I also went to barbati and stayed at the captains hotel and just right of barbati beach, there’s another little beach where there is a load of shade because of the rate of decent going down to the beach and there’s more fish there

  27. ItzNathz Avatar

    Fun fact
    Loads of websites and weather stuff call barbati, “barmpati”

  28. Barry Heath Avatar

    Visit corfu twice a year ,agios Stefano the people are amazing

  29. Roberto Garrido lopez Avatar


  30. Karin Zwittnig Avatar

    In August I need 2 hours to go 20 km to Corfu town….. So many people….and than the people from the big cruiser…. I do nit like it

  31. Joshmal2014 Avatar

    I think roda is a great destination for corfu aswell

  32. DMMJBSM Avatar

    If I had the money, I would definitely buy a holiday home there. Been twice, beautiful island, lots to do & see.

  33. A B Avatar

    Nice video, thank you

  34. xenofon g Avatar

    servus.. bin grieche aus corfu.. die sind sie schlecheste strände in Corfu hahaha… es gibt 1000000 mal bessere!!


    Καταπληκτικές παραλίες φιλόξενοι άνθρωποι ωραία ξενοδοχεία μπαρ και εστιατόρια αλλά οι δρόμοι το 2022 βρίσκονται σε τραγική κατάσταση. Κινδυνεύεις ανά πάσα στιγμή από τις λακουβες

  36. Catherine Gellie Avatar

    Thank you for the beautiful photos from Korfou….

  37. cforc k-maras Avatar

    Νοοοοο…. Issos beach, Halikounas beach, Peritheia old village, Mytriotisa nudist beach and many more in south…dude dont put the word TOP..kinda ouch

  38. Nicholas Ampazis Avatar

    Better change the title to Top-10 worst places in Corfu

  39. T Man Avatar

    I lived on Corfu for many years & there's many more amazingly beautiful places on the island.
    It still holds a special place in my heart.

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