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The Best Places to Visit in Indiana, USA

The Best Places to Visit in Indiana, USA Indiana, nicknamed The Hoosier State, is located in the Great Lakes region. It has lots of awesome places to visit and see!  Visitors can pick from cultural attractions, museums, music, sports, the outdoors, shopping, and more when they go to Indiana. As the Crossroads of America, it is easy to get to Indiana and once you do, you’ll be entertained for weeks, whether you choose to visit casinos, wineries, festivals, museums, or national parks. Be amazed by these beautiful pictures of places in Indiana! #1.Indianapolis #2.The Marengo Cave #3.Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari #4.The Eiteljorg Museum #5.The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site #6.Indiana State Capitol #7.Brown County State Park #8.Soldiers and Sailors Monument #9.Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore #10.Connor Prairie
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22 responses to “The Best Places to Visit in Indiana, USA”

  1. Richard Rogerson Avatar

    I've visited most if not everything mentioned. I personally recommend it. Cheap mini vacations.

  2. Jacob Bailey - Green Party! Avatar

    I love canoeing in Turkey Run State Park! Hiking I the Hoosier National Forest is nice, too☺️

  3. A Is For Apple 🍎 Avatar

    Being a Hoosier, and living about 10 miles away, it's great that you listed Marengo Cave as #2!
    Where is Patoka Lake?
    Where is the West Baden dome?

    P.S. The narration has a quasi-British accent, which sounds just like my GPS, because sometimes it's "Indiana" and sometimes it's "Indianer". 😆

  4. Elizabeth Schreffler Avatar

    We love Indiana. There is so much to do here, great food, lots of indoor and outdoor activities and friendly people.

  5. RETIRED & Loving It! Avatar

    We’re from Indiana! So many great places to visit!! We’re your new subs 🤗

  6. Raimondas Marciulevičius Avatar

    Pierpaolo and Indiana, good job. Together we are strong 🙂

  7. Son of Jack Avatar

    Indiana: we got bad cities, but we got some good tourist destinations.

  8. Adrian Montelongo Avatar

    I love indianapolis indiana, my brother and my nephew were born there and I went holiday world splashin safari some my family 2016 and 2018. 🏆 🌞

  9. Sherry ONan Avatar


  10. Sherry ONan Avatar

    I sure do love Indiana it is the best ❤

  11. Sage Lorette Avatar

    I like Indiana but its the most boring place ive ever lived

  12. ElComandanteR7 Avatar

    I live here and I want to kill myself in this boring state.

  13. Terry Wells Avatar

    Surely they could have found a real person with a pleasant voice. This video showed very few of the many interesting places and scenes in Indiana.

  14. omar Avatar

    Imlive in Indiana granger and I'm so bored here that's why I'm looking at this video but like you know I think these are all far far away from me

  15. Wis zak Avatar

    I spent two days in Indiana, a great experience with all those Indians around. Next step, China😜

  16. English Lessons Avatar

    Visit The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis that will change your life, your children will remain absolutely stunned.

  17. Best places in thè world Avatar

    congratulations, another great video from you

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