SHOCKING FILIPINO BIRTHDAY FOOD | Pinikpikan in Sagada, Philippines

This isn’t your ordinary Philippines travel vlog. I continue my trip north of Manila in the Cordillera region of Luzon. Here I meet an Ifugao Igorot family in Sagada, and get invited to try sever tradition dishes, typical for celebrations in this area of the Philippines. Dinuguan, Etag, Pinikpikan, and more. As a foreigner in the Philippines, and a travel vlogger that will eat just about any pinoy street food… This some some of the most shocking filipino food I have come across in the country.This episode of my travel Philippines series takes place after meeting Lakay Wa-Ow, a village elder in Sagada. We arrived at his house to ask permission to visit the hanging coffins of his ancestors who have been places on the cliff faces, long, long ago. He granted us permission, and showed us his collection of smoked pork, called Etag. This putrefying smoked pork is covered in mold and insects, and used in ceremonies in the area.The next day I arrived at my guides house where I watched him prepare other traditional foods like Pinikpikan. This is a controversial chicken dish where the chicken is beaten before being killed. Its said the noises it makes attracts the spirits to notice the ceremony, and also brings more tenderness to the meat. It wasn’t something for the squeamish, and this was all at a filipino birthday party!#FearlessandFar #Luzon #SagadaCome check out the deleted scenes, and fight your fears here:—————————————-­­­————————————–­-­-­—————♫ Music ♫( Horizon 3 – Rannar Sillard Backpackers Horizon 2 – Rannar Sillard Exploring Marimba 8 – Merlean Jungle Walking 2 – Tomas Skyldeberg The Storm Inside (Instrumental) – Daniel Gunnarsson—————————————-­­­————————————–­-­-­—————☎ Say Hi Here ☎✧ Instagram:✧ Tweetz:✧ Facebook Fanpage:—————————————-­­­————————————–­-­-­—————✯ Experiences over Possessions ✯
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28 responses to “SHOCKING FILIPINO BIRTHDAY FOOD | Pinikpikan in Sagada, Philippines”

  1. Billy Avatar

    damn you are great with kids

  2. Daniel James Avatar

    I thought they were going to eat dog or cat but that’s a different country in Asia.

  3. Bean Slider Avatar

    Fearless and far east Ass 😮

  4. Alash Nepali Avatar

    They are Nepalese living in Philippines, we can clearly see the flag of Nepal 🇳🇵. 9:31

  5. Shady Martix Avatar

    If you are vegan or do not want to eat meat ,,stop talking about eating meat and other like that,,for vegan people if you care love animals,care first this do not just show big Living things,Care of small living things too ,Before you eat vegetable and other,how many insect have die do you know ,,Many2……

  6. Tooch Avatar

    So jealous of your travels. Lucky guy.

  7. SADisMe GUY Avatar

    The dispatching of the chicken is normal for us, we don't want any creature to suffer, thats our humane way of doing it.
    The ETAG has another way of making it by rubbing salt and drying it under the sun.
    Last one is the chocolate meat 😅 my first time hearing it but maybe thats their English term in Sagada. Thank you for visiting our country and thank you again for sharing your thoughts and opinion.

  8. Toffer 1990 Avatar

    The checking of the chicken corpse for the future is used even thousands of years ago even by europeans. Like before a battle. For exaple from game of thrones, when lannister butchered a cow maybe talking wing his son. They want to see thenout come of the battle. Used by ancient armies, romans, greece etc.

  9. Jopet Gomez Avatar

    Our whole family loves eating Pinikpikan with etag in the Baguio resto called Cafe by the Ruins.

  10. Va Io Avatar

    I ate a similar dish while I was in Suriname, but with fish instead of meat. I was invited by someone from the bush people and got some kind of soup with rice. Rice was very fragrant as it was freshly harvested en processed. In the soup was this big chunk of fish meat. It tasted tender and buttery and had that funky putrid taste and smell attached to it. I could have eaten it if I did not know what it was, but I knew, and I could not get that out of my mind. They used to call it "jumping meat", because they let the fish spoil until maggots did their work and the piece of meat was moving being worked out by the maggots.
    Another time I was invited by a wonderful family from Ghana, and they served food with a sauce made out of a grounded nut or something. It tasted very nice, nutty, but it had this foul smell, it was like poop, literally poop. I ate out of respect but trying to eat without breathing through my nose was a difficult challenge.

  11. Miss Victoria Glover Avatar

    Chris definitely lasing at the end hahahahaha

  12. mariavictoria santos Avatar

    thanks Mikmik very informative and educate us their Igorot culturethanks to your video blog

  13. Ndulin Avatar

    In Italy we eat sausages made of blood and even creamy blood chocolate, it's called "sanguinaccio", also in spain they have something like that

  14. Dirty Fiends with Needles Avatar

    You are a very good man. Thank you, for your respect. And thank you for all that you share with us all. ❤

  15. John Rey Avatar

    Etag is just salted smoked meat. In western countries they smoke a big chunk of meat and then trimming off the black, hard outer meat. In our province to make etag they cut the big chunk of meat into smaller parts, salt it, then they smoked it for 3 days to harden, and we don't get rid of charred hard part. Its a way to preserve meat.

  16. Joel Ellis Avatar

    The preface of a "trigger warning" is annoying. If people can't experience other cultures without getting upset then that's just sad. But, you clearly have it figured out.

  17. Wesley Allison Avatar

    The multiple, overly heartfelt disclaimers are unnecessary.

  18. tim addison Avatar

    no he's got it confused. that bird didn't bless anything and hopes you choke on this tradition

  19. Shi Smith Avatar

    Personally I believe that if a cultural event involves causing pain to animals (other than just straight up killing them for food, food is a necessity) aren’t worth keeping, BUT I fully respect that these cultures exist and always have and probably always will. It’s hard to swallow and for a long time accepting and being at peace with the fact that it happens was hard, but I’ve also learned that even the darker parts of other cultures are beautiful. We want the full story of all these people and Mike gives it to us ❤

  20. Glyn Hedchugan Avatar

    Oh no its not the chicken could give u a blessing its only god if u know the truth.

  21. Kokole Ismail Avatar

    You are really fearless eating all that’s food
    Always good watching your videos and how you bind with the people without judgement

  22. KRYPTO AR Avatar

    Whole world: Cooking with oil 🙂
    Them: Cooking with Blood 🗿

  23. Windoors Fab&install Avatar

    If you see the real pinikpikan am sure you can not take it.. they use duck for real pinikpikan just kiling me softly.. the whole body became red…

  24. Angkols Cover Song Vlog Avatar

    Filipino are fluent in English language…. Im from ilocos.. The lower part of this mountainous land.. Etag is one of their delicacy.. "pinikpikan" is a literal word for killing me softly

  25. Hope Filled Sinner Avatar

    The New Zealand government has an opinion on that chickens preparation. If I did that I would be locked up.

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