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Impossible Haitian Street Food!! You Can’t Film This in Haiti!

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40 responses to “Impossible Haitian Street Food!! You Can’t Film This in Haiti!”

  1. Best Ever Food Review Show Avatar

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  2. Gloria Winbush Avatar

    Thank you,for uploading this beautiful, awesome video 💋 .

  3. Gloria Winbush Avatar

    I,live in Michigan and I wish that we could get an restaurant or food truck🤤😋🤤😋!
    Just let me at it🤩 !

  4. Sandia Pillay Avatar

    Hmm im indian south african & a great chef..so am curious now to try this. I imagine its quite different from the African cuisine im used to.

  5. John Bergman Avatar

    The Mud has iron in needed by people who are malnutrition starved

  6. Dollie Da TrapBarbie Avatar

    Great seasoned food !!! Thanks for visiting my country 🇭🇹

  7. Stephen Colebrook Avatar

    Listen to the intro dialoged, as if he's in Cuba and featuring Bahamian cuisine. The Bahamas is the Bahamas as Haiti is the most invasive country in the Caribbean THAT DOES NOT EXIST. When In the Bahamas feature what is Bahamian not Haitian, they have have a country

  8. John Victor Avatar

    Cap Haitian is perfectly safe to travel.

  9. MarcussiousX🤔 Avatar

    Ou Konin/You know the biz…..Sak pase Mounanm yo.

  10. Christelle Nazaire Avatar

    So you know I’m Haitian and actually my mom is pregnant and when she was in the Haitian island she eat mud🤮

  11. northernking Avatar

    Mud has lots of minerals 😄

  12. Repent & Believe Avatar

    dont be calling haitians boat people. its offensive.

  13. Kerven Gerard Avatar

    Glad you finally try Haitian food

  14. oo Avatar

    🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹we are the best

  15. Taina Casimir Avatar


  16. Pacho Velli Avatar

    I'm Haitian Born and raised 🙌 Yo Sonny the insecurity don't cover the whole land , mostly the heated spot are in the cities, I welcome 🤗 you to come visit Haiti the paradise in the island 🏝️ let's stand up for Haiti and let our voices get to the people so they could kick 🦶 the Government A$$

  17. jenny vincent Avatar

    The mud cookie I think is more for texture especially if you are anemic that’s why I love it!! Love seeing people enjoying our food!!

  18. OneJourneyMakeItCount Avatar

    Let's eat 👩🏾‍🍳 🥘🥗🥩😋 😋 😋


    ✍🏽Watching👁👁 👩🏾‍💻 through your eyes … excellent video

    ✍🏽 PPPPPP= Proper Planning Prevents Poor Project Performance…

    🗞 📰 One Journey🗺🌎🌍🌏 Let's Make It Count❗


  19. Stephen Colebrook Avatar

    Please give the Bahamas a show to express its individually, we are NOT HAITI. I turned on your show and see Haiti, the first thing I see is Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas. Why don't you go to Haiti. This Haitian invasion of the Bahamas is denying the Bahamians of their identity.

  20. BRICKSUNNY Avatar

    Ashline looking like Ashanti 🤤😂

  21. Cherish Ireland Avatar

    Only the people who haven't had to flea their home would be mad about refugees coming to their land. I get concern over land and resources, but like should be happy and anything to end suffering is worth doing. Be kind to one another. Be We are all the same, just with different struggles.

  22. JeffShiny legendary Pokémon hunter Avatar

    It’s funny I’m Haitian and I hate grio but I love goat tso

  23. Schneidine Phidelmond Avatar

    Cette dame malheureusement ne connaît pas Haïti ou elle fait comme tous les autres qui connaissent le pays qu'à travers les médias… Dommage! Il y a des gens qui vivent dans de mauvaises conditions partout dans le monde, c'est abusé de dire que ces gens sont mieux qu'en Haïti !

  24. Eee Eazy Avatar

    Mud is not a Haitian snack. That is for the poorest of poor that eat that disgusting crap. Disappointed that people would even make that mess for “fun” and sell it as a Haitian delicacy

  25. BlackGirl Rocks Avatar

    Yayyyy you did go to Haiti 🇭🇹🥰

  26. Clautid Genestant Avatar

    I love the food from my culture. I’m glad you loved it

  27. Vincent Dugre Avatar

    So what city in the Bahamas are they from cause I would love to go see cause my family Haitian and I was born in Canada and I didn’t get to embrace the culture or learn it

  28. Khalil Byrd Avatar

    Just us being black and having our ancestors brought here all the adversities we all have endure as a people for centuries food shouldn't be the only thing that connects us we shouldn't be enemies we shouldn't be afraid of each other we should all be one

  29. mamba mentality Avatar

    Im Haitian I don't even get rice at Chinese restaurant I can't eat one more bowl. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. NTTX Avatar

    I was in Haiti in 2014. The food there was really tasty.

  31. G.vens_official Avatar

    Haitian food is the best ever,i'm not saying that cuz i'm haitian is ti just a fact😚

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