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    Hey guys. We need your feedback!

    Amalie and I have been discussing what the best vlog length is. Please choose between A, B or C. THANKS 🙂

    A: 7-9 minutes
    B: 9-11 minutes
    C: 11-15+ minutes

    Cheers and thanks for all you guys who keep supporting us!

    Amalie & Joen

  2. Rachy Goody Avatar

    Omg the colors that your camera is showing are AWFUL FIX IT.

  3. Khanzada Faisal Avatar

    Loved to see you back home…..completes the whole trip…..thanx for a peek into your home…..

  4. Daniel Dubrava Avatar

    Hi guys, I am big fan of yours and vote for C. Allow me few observations. Dont be obsessed with no. of subscribers. You are sometimes trying a bit too hard to present things which you assume people like, in order to please them. You have awsome content, but dont do that so desperately. Do things YOU like, enjoy yourself, have fun, have real conversations on ordinary topics, show also your everyday life, present your opinions, arguments (even better if a bit conflicting), do more q&a’s, show more of your family/friends, what is your other business, skills, diversify from pure travel vlogging but please continue and always STAY POSITIVE & FUN 🙂

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