Epic Madeira FOOD TOUR that makes You DROOL! 😋

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ABOUT THIS VLOG:➡ We’re in Funchal on beautiful Madeira. And today it’s time for another epic food tour where we try the best typical Madeira food you can get. We started out with the infamous bolo do mel, which is a 500 year old dessert from Madeira. After that we went for an epic lunch where we had bolo do caco, lapas, espetadas com carne and milho frito. It was absolutely amazing. One of the most iconic drinks you can have on madeira in the Poncha, which is a powerful alcoholic drink with an exotic dna. It really gets the blood running and if you have more than one, you’ll be drunk before you know it. For dinner we went with espada com banana, which is an absolute MUST. It was the highlight of our food tour, however in heavy competition with the lapas. Don’t forget to try the fried banana for dessert along with the passion mousse, which is another Madeira delicacy.Here are the restaurants we went to in Funchal:O Tasco Restaurant Arsenal Restaurant / Bar Gavião Novo Restaurant Restaurante ArsenioNEW HERE? – We’re Amalie and Joen. A Danish couple from Copenhagen who have moved to Lisbon, Portugal. This vlog is all about showing our new home, how life in Portugal is and of course a bunch of epic adventures around this beautiful country.We hope you’ll stick around. 🙂➤ Business Inquiries: hey@stayclassy.dk or send a DM on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stayclassydk/
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30 responses to “Epic Madeira FOOD TOUR that makes You DROOL! 😋”


    🌴 Get our interactive Madeira Guide: ➤ https://rexby.com/creator/stayclassy (Get 20% OFF with code "SC") ➤ This guide is packed with EVERYTHING you need for a great trip to Madeira!

  2. Billy and Dottie's Crazy Adventures Avatar

    Love the video. We have been planning on our move to Madeira and wondered about the food

  3. Tarek Kamel Avatar

    Are these restaurants still open and good today after the pandemic ?

  4. Éva Pető Avatar

    We honestly should move to Madeira – this was a magic saying from Amelie

  5. Flavio Sousa Avatar

    For meat, I recommend La Vaca Negra. You should have tried the wonderful Jaquet in Rua de Santa Maria, unique place with old recipes.

  6. Dom Avatar

    Lapas caught in the ocean 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Dom Avatar

    Bolo de Mel lol. Hardly anybody eats it apart from tourists.

  8. Jamileth De Freitas Duque Avatar

    thank you guys !! really amazing video I took note for my visit to Funchal

  9. Carmine Citro Avatar

    you two are very funny, well done very informative …..thank you

  10. Justyns Sagan Avatar

    The islands was stolen from Africa but they will tell you it was discovered by the Europeans this the words they use culture vultures 💯🇬🇧🇨🇦🇺🇲😅😂🤣

  11. redsrollingnow1 Avatar

    What a lovely couple you are and thank you for your very constructive suggestions as I am flying to Madeira from London on 12 June for 7 weeks! 😎✔👍😎✔👍

  12. Gustavo Ramos Avatar

    you need to go to tasca do anibal, very good poncha

  13. Gustavo Ramos Avatar

    you need to go to poncha do emanuel, it's very cheap

  14. Cooking like Ramos Avatar

    11:08 it's as if you can see into the future 😉 Hope you are enjoying my awesome island ! Peace CLR

  15. woopty Avatar

    Lol… what about 1st world problems??:)

  16. Old Curious Avatar

    I love your videos probably I saw all. They are perfect. However they have few visualisations for what that they really deserve. I don't know but how about portuguese subtitles as an option? It will be and aditional cost or it will pay for itself? Try one video at list.

  17. Judite Dos Santos Avatar

    Raaaaahhh … feeling naustalgic and Hungry 😍😍😍😍
    Try octupus… maybe you will like it.. grilled octupus… they have the vinagrette garlic octupus. Not sure you will like that one.


  18. Maria Alves Avatar

    Please, don't add captions to the video, so many mistakes it's a shame. And it's distracting! Love your videos! Awesome!

  19. SCHAU DEN LUCAS Avatar

    First few seconds I already knew that Marc Rebillet is in da house yaaaah!

  20. Matīss Pudulis Avatar

    I like how in these series Amelia always says "we should move to Madeira", and now you are actually moving. Nice foreshadowing.

  21. Luis Vasconcelos Avatar

    Next time in Madeira should try Tuna fresh steak like this Danish did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfbFdlyl84E

  22. Eddie Brown Avatar

    The check you showed at "o tasco" wasn't the rlght one… it was from a diferent meal!!

  23. CG Avatar

    I swear the first receipt they charged you wrong lol but great videos and well edited!!

  24. Talip Ucar Avatar

    Have you caught your attention? An island with a very old population. There is little or no agricultural production.The cost of living can be. A volcanic island in the middle of the ocean. So everything is so expensive. People are unhappy. Even the waiters in the restaurant are 50 or older. It is not beatiful a place to live.

  25. Susan Highfield Avatar

    OMG I have just discovered your videos, they are brilliant, I have been watching the ones in Madeira we were there Christmas 2018. The first place you ate (up the hill) was our favourite restaurant the fish there was fabulous, we are back Christmas 2020 we loved it there.

  26. Dinarte Soares Avatar

    Madeiran food and Portuguese food is completely different

  27. Zeb Avatar

    Grilled lapas are so amazing! Sooo yummy! But if you like lapas caught in Madeira, you will LOVE the ones from São Miguel! Both are delicious but the Azorean ones are much bigger and juicier and heaven in your mouth. Next time you’re in Ponta Delgada check out a restaurant called Cais 20 and order the lapas dos Açores. They’re are more expensive than the ones from Madeira but for good reason. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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