Costa Rica a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY – Protest, Landslides, Driving in Costa Rica & Rainy Season

Is stating, Costa Rica is a third-world country a derogatory statement…or is it just factual and shows that Costa Rica is still a developing country. Costa Rica is doing great things to make improvements so you can still enjoy a Tropical Paradise.This video will talk about the recent Protest and roadblocks that happened all over Costa Rica. Why were the Ticos blocking the roads? What was the reason for the protest?We’ll talk about and show some disturbing footage of the last storm and the destruction that occurred. What can YOU do to be prepared for landslides, roadblocks, and the many unexpected things that occur because you chose to live in a third-world country?We will also discuss a bit about the infrastructure and how the electricity, the water, and some basic utilities often go off without notice for hours at a time. However, you can do a few things to prepare yourself and those things will not be such a huge inconvenience.For most of Costa Rica, you’ll experience two seasons…Dry Season or Summer and Rainy Season or Winter. Typically, it rains 6 months out of the year for most of Costa Rica. The rainy season is not bad and you can pretty much set your clock by the rain. It will usually rain for a few hours, starting at about 2 pm, and usually, stop near nightfall. Only towards the end of the rainy season does it rain a lot more than usual.Many Ticos, tell me, they prefer the rainy season as the rain cools things down and gives plenty of rain for the gardens.You’ll enjoy this episode and learn some interesting facts about Costa Rica.***Subscribe and click the “Bell” icon so you can get notifications every time a new video is posted on this channel.******* CONSIDER Supporting us by becoming a “Premium Community Member” and discover videos that NOBODY else talks about…. ***JOIN NOW *** Us with a 1-time donation or monthly with any amount at PayPal Us – Subscribe to our Newsletter – Get Updates for Next LIVE Broadcast (we NEVER Spam YOU) our Facebook Group & Connect with others coming to Costa Rica Sending Promotional, Sponsored Products or Care Packages use the address below: Allen Richard Aptado 007-8100 Costa Rica 60301*********Subscribe our to “Living in Costa Rica” Channel and learn more about Costa Rica and how we area building an OFF-GRID HOMESTEAD in Costa Rica where there is “No Electricity”, “No Phone Signal”, “No Internet”,but we have plenty of “WATER”.Click the “Bell” icon so you can get notifications every time a new video is posted on this channel.****** Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful, but like any place in the world… you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!! Allen Rich ******Check Out These Videos:DISADVANTAGES OF LIVING in Costa Rica 2020 – Living in Costa Rica Pros and Cons
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24 responses to “Costa Rica a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY – Protest, Landslides, Driving in Costa Rica & Rainy Season”

  1. Living in Costa Rica Avatar

    This video was created to educate and give information to people who want to learn more about and are considering moving to Costa Rica.

    The article below is one of the many sources we consulted prior to creating this video that STATES that Costa Rica is a Third World Country.

    Some people don't agree with the facts stated in this and many other articles.

    Stating that Costa Rica is a Third World Country is NOT in any way meant to be derogatory, mean or demeaning. We are relaying the facts stated in many articles and studies.

    While it is difficult to imagine that Costa Rica is classified as a third world country because it is far more developed than what we or many people would imagine a third would country to be…the fact remains, that Costa Rica is a third world country.

    It's also a fact that Costa Rica is considered one of the happiest places on the earth and a great tourist destination, great place to retire with amazing, beautiful, scenic places to vacation, live and enjoy!

  2. Bill Avatar

    Costa Rica is a developing country and always will be one.

  3. tiquillo1000 Avatar

    There are a lot of first world countries, why you chose Costa Rica?

  4. RSP Avatar

    USA is now on the path Of becoming 4th world country

  5. Fernando Brenes Zamora Avatar

    Tienen un nuevo amigo,saludes desde San Ramón de Alajuela costa Rica,yo era de la capital y me mudé para el campo,no lo cambio por nada🇨🇷

  6. Marta Donayre Avatar

    A small price to pay for paradise. If it were well developed, it wouldn't be.

  7. Yuan Shuan Avatar

    I live in the big island of hawaii. Some parts of the island have bad roads and sometimes the roads get blocked by the falling trees.

  8. All Spheres Avatar

    Good information. Thank you

  9. Bill Galli Avatar

    We have visited CR many times , the truth is spoken here. We have not had to drive but driving there is nothing like the US. Just have to us COMMON SENSE, and be looking way ahead so you can react to the hazards. PURA VIDA

  10. L. Faraday Avatar

    Costa Rica is a developing country. If you’re going to say any country is “third world” it would be the US. They spend ridiculous amounts of money to retain a military presence, but cannot provide universal healthcare to their citizens. The US has the highest death rate for newborns, and they’re ranked very low on the scale for education. Just recently the world discovered how unreliable their electrical grid is due to deregulation. They rank the highest for Covid-19 cases and deaths. So, who is actually doing poorly here? 🇨🇦

  11. Dirk Eckardt Avatar

    All of your videos are very helpful:)!!!

  12. Charles Williams Avatar

    I find y'alls videos very informative. We have visited Costa Rica once, staying at a friends house near Uvita. We are considering leaving the US when I retire in 2023 and trying to choose between CR or the Yucatan Peninsula, MX. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

  13. Jim's Home Comforts Avatar

    Very helpful and informative. So, do you recommend a four wheel drive vehicle if you going to move to Costa Rica?

  14. Anton Zanesco Avatar

    a 3rd world country ? hahaha . como ?

  15. Allan Timko Avatar

    I used to tell ppl to aim for the small potholes…so you miss the big ones. Driving in the 90's& early 00's San Jose to Tamagringo before Limon Airport made into International. Tico Timko

  16. ric flett Avatar

    CR is not a third world country. They're better than that!

  17. Jeff Pearson Avatar

    The term, "third world", is considered offensive by many. A more widely accepted term and I think more accurate description for what you are conveying in your video is "developing nation".

  18. Tony Monaco Avatar

    Interesting info. No offense, but the term third world is starting to sound a bit redundant, when referring to countries in our hemisphere. If you wanna see a real third world country, please go to Sudan lol. Could there possibly be a connection between decades of deforestation to satisfy the demand for gringo housing down there, and the frequent land slides? Just a thought. No harsh criticism intended.

  19. Keith Parker Avatar

    Costa Rica is not a third world country do some research

  20. roy sandi Avatar

    Hello guys, greetings from Hilton Head Island in SC. I'm a Tico leaving in the USA since 1993. Can't wait to move back to Costa Rica. Your videos are helping me to make the transition much easier. Thank you for your videos.

  21. Michael Oyeniran Avatar

    Hi guys

    Please tell me what San Jose is like for living?

  22. megan Williams Avatar

    Are you serious that One can’t get a work visa there. Not under any circumstance.

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