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Cleanings, Valentine’s Day, and Navigation to St. Barthelemy, by Sailing JAEKA, week 32

We finished up some stuff we had to finish before the navigation to the Saint Barthelemy on our boat, and had another specialist came over to help us with the autopilot. After several hours of work we are still at the same point. However, my Jack has knowledge about many things and he got an idea how to fix it by “pressing secret combination of buttons”. So we got into open ocean and looks like it works…. well we thought that at that time. As we were only 25 miles away from the Saint Barthelemy, we decided to head just like we are at this moment. We have got a great day moving towards a new place. No sailing at all, but instead I have advanced my navigation skills and helped the captain a little bit 🙂We are an international couple – Jack (from France), Kateryna (from Ukraine). We have been crossing this wonderful life together since 10 years. Finally (after many years of dreaming) we are living a “true” life. We have a plan to sail across all oceans (almost), and will be happy to share this adventurous lifestyle with you!If you want to help us with our movie production, please consider donating us any amount you want by Paypal – https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BYLF6TDUA385EIf you really, really like this episode, please become a patron at: https://www.patreon.com/sailingJAEKA Your generous help will allow us to maintain and upgrade our boat as well as keeping us in a good shape and mood 🙂You can also support us by purchasing Kateryna’s handmade crochet beachwear at: https://theswimweartags.com/ She is a “crocheter” as well, making all her handiwork right on a boat.Music:John ?hlin – Odd And Indie Anders Both?n – Oh Darlin’ Josef Falkensk?ld – Overpowering Mondays – Pandemonium Johan Glossner – ReplyFind out more about our life in pictures: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Sailing-JAEKA-1523497394616901/ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sailing_jaeka/We really need your support now. Please give this video thumbs up and let us know what you think of it in a comment area right beneath the video. Even a positive comment will cheer us up. If you would like to be closer to us and our story and you are able to do so, please support us at Patreon.com. In return you will be the fist to know where we are sailing next plus you will receive cool gifts from us right in your mailbox. Thank you so much!Sandy feet, Jack & Kateryna
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37 responses to “Cleanings, Valentine’s Day, and Navigation to St. Barthelemy, by Sailing JAEKA, week 32”

  1. William Wiese Avatar

    Great video! I like watching problem solving onboard and the repairs. What boat do you have? Be safe out there…✌

  2. Hendre Nell Avatar

    Dear sir…I respect you so much…you know your shit!!!

  3. Hendre Nell Avatar

    lol he he I love it…Save Travels. kiss kiss

  4. Joshua Allen - Liberty Call Coffee Avatar

    Love watching your videos. It keeps me going as I am watching from Djibouti, Africa. Currently here away from my lovely wife and 2 boys. Soon we will also live our lives sailing around the world. Thank you so much for your great inspiration to all of us watching!!!

  5. Allyn Onderdonk Avatar

    Something cheap to try. Buy a can of contact cleaner. Spray all of the connectors you can get to on the boat with the unit off at the panel. Let it dry for a while, then hit them again. Sometimes the contacts get corroded slightly and whamo nothing works. Lots of mystery problems can especially be tracked down to a bad ground or corrosion. $5 or 6 for a spray can of cleaner. Otherwise I know no rudder indicator…the sensor could be bad, or the wiring to it..even the main unit could not be reading the inputs from a good sensor. Most of the sensors are on a little swing arm above the rudder next to the steering cables. The sensor itself could be dirty. Multimeters are good for checking wires on the Omicron "Ohms" setting. The thing is you have to check both ends of the wires which can be some distance. The hydraulic drive is working correctly????It moves the rudder without any problems???No grindy noises???Does it hold a course??? Are there any readouts on the control panel which do not make sense?? You said the head works on another boat and you tried a new sensor. It must be the wiring in my opinion, it is likely there is resistance, corrosion, or a break on the wires to the rudder sensor. The rudder sensor is usually just a potentiometer like you are being told. A potentiometer changes the resistance on a wire.(Volume control on a stereo is and example.) Essentially the head unit senses the rudder position by seeing how much electricity can flow over the wire when the potentiometer is at a certain position. Hit the potentiometer and the wires with contact cleaner. Corrosion increases resistance so that the electricity cannot flow as well. The head unit will think it is because the potentiometer(and therefore rudder) is deflected when it is not. That is probably why the deflection bars are showing one larger than the other. The wires,a loose connection, or corrosion are creating an issue where the head unit cannot read the sensor at the correct value. If nothing else works, buy or make new wires. Check that the head unit is actually receiving 12 or 24 volts depending on your system voltage. Clean the ground and hot wire to the head unit and make sure the boat ground is functioning properly.

  6. Michael00000001 Avatar

    Cool that you could handle the autopilot issue yourself! A technical question: sound is pretty good. Which equipment do you use? (Camera, Mic)

  7. donjvalley Avatar

    Just got up-to-date on your videos; thank you for sharing, especially your repair episodes. That way we see that sailing is NOT just cocktails, beaches and glorious sunsets!!! My suggestion for the autopilot is to take the dinghy off the davits and get a windvane; a used one is better than none. My 1st choice is the Cape Horn, invented by Yves Gelinas, the Canadian film-maker/circumnavigator (on Alberg 30) or the Norvane, which is promoted by James Baldwin (dual circumnavigator on Pearson 28) who has done many boat refit projects at his Brunswick, GA shop and is also an Alberg 30 enthusiast. I'm retired, very new to sailing, learning a lot from YT and saving for my first sailboat. Personally, I much prefer a smaller boat, like the A30, with both a windvane, watermaker and other gadgets that work and are very reliable…Stay safe and enjoy your cruising life, together…

  8. JEAN JACQUES Juguen Avatar

    Bonjour les amis à bientôt les juju Bisous jj b

  9. Wilf Rennecke Avatar

    Hey guys, contact the manufacturer. You will get some answers from them.My wife decided Jaque needs a hair cut, she is my barber and knows her stuff.We love your videos !!! Safe travels.

  10. Love b Avatar

    Looks like you have got a nice Valentine's day. The rose you have shown in your "crystal vase" is beautiful.

  11. Marine Research Expeditions - Project Manaia Avatar

    Hello JAEKA Crew!
    We've been following your journey for a while now, love the videos and followed kind of in your footsteps getting on our Sailing Catamaran last year. However our main Purpose is doing research and support work with NGOs wherever we are. So far we are far away from having as many supporters as you do, but slowly growing few… It would be great if you could leave us a comment, subscribe or maybe even put a link to our channel in an EndCard of yours. Any help is more than just welcome!
    Fair winds and calm seas on all your voyages!
    Crew of Sea Nomad!

  12. Lance Christy Avatar

    I could not help but notice that you had a band-aid on your arm (4:16) hope you guy are OK…!!!…???

  13. caahacky Avatar

    What make and model is your autopilot?

  14. Starboard Mater Avatar

    If I had an autopilot like your new one Jack, I wouldn't bother with the old one anymore!!
    Anyway, I've been an Electronics Officer in the British Merchant Navy for a long time and I've found that ship's auto pilots are usually quite reliable. However, if they go wrong, its often one of the port/starboard relays in the control unit… OR.. and I say this because you said you had no rudder angle indication…. the feedback potentiometer that is normally operated by a cog wheel on a rotary potentiometer driven from a bell-crank assembly attached to the rudder stock. They can sometimes look OK, but they tend to get worn over a small part of the resistive windings and when the "wiper" is going through this area, it sends an incorrect signal back to the control unit. The fix is cheap and easy as you simply replace the potentiometer, but remember to calibrate it after fitting it…which is also easy because you make sure you rudder is zero (midships) and then turn the pot until your rudder angel indicator also shows zero and then secure the locking screws.

  15. Nicholas Bigney Avatar

    Hello. Here is an autopilot thought…check around the fluxgate compass. Remove all metal or magnetic things near it. I had a similar problem which drove me crazy until I found that a guest had stored a hair dryer near the fluxgate compass on my boat. Apparently the magnet in the hair dryer blower motor was affecting the fluxgate compass. I removed the hair dryer and all ferrous metal around it and have not had a minute of problem since then. By the way, I enjoy your videos. my ancestry is a large part French and 1/2 Ukrainian, so you are my people. Cheers, and see you out there this summer. Nick.

  16. YOKL Avatar

    What a boat 🙂 Nice vlog. Interested in more travel vlogs? Check out our channel. We are traveling around the world as couple and would love to get your subscription too 🙂 We will sub back… promise. Thanks already guys 🙂 Greetings from Bangkok!

  17. Capt Mark SV Alcina Avatar

    Where can I get that kind of auto pilot that dose all the other work around the yacht ?

  18. Laurent Froggy Avatar

    Great video despite the whole issue with your autopilot.. thanks for sharing, amities de Hong Kong

  19. TK Mills Avatar

    There has to be a partially broken wire in the circuit somewhere…run temporary jumpers until you find the correct section, then replace.

  20. Scott Goodwin Avatar

    Autopilots usually have a compass unit mounted towards the center of the boat. Make sure there are no other metalic items near this. i.e cans of food , tools etc. This sort of problem has happened to me and this was the cause. Like your videos Thanks very much.

  21. dphotos Avatar

    At this point I would get a new one if you can afford it. Look around for the best reviews of the best model. You have been having issue with this one for months and no one can fix it. Can you just buy the part that is a control box or computer?

  22. Craig Smith Avatar

    do you have an instagram account?

  23. Sail Before Sunset Avatar

    You two are unique. Between the two of you, I understand what you are talking about. That is good.

    I also see a dynamic that is about the Russian girl looking for a way to come west, but she seems to really live him. This gives me faith in the two of you.

  24. magna347 Avatar

    Love your videos, the very best on youtube, thank you for sharing and all the hard work.

  25. Michael Samuel Avatar

    I like your new auto pilot. I hope you get the other one sorted soon. Cheers!

  26. Diego Almeida Yépez V. Avatar

    Someone had a blood test, hope everything is going ok. Diego & Amparo.

  27. Matthew Fetherston Avatar

    What is the name of your cat he/she looks relaxed on your boat?

  28. LEE Avatar

    When I saw that mess in the cockpit, I said to myself, "Jack won't tolerate that very long." Sure enough, 45 seconds later, Jack was getting the boat ship shape. And he even found time to buy a rose. Jack, you're making the rest of us look bad. Great video, safe voyages. Cheers.

  29. tartansailor Avatar

    Jacques, essaie de recalibrer le pilote en fesant deux tours dans le même sens. Consulte le manuel pour la procédure exacte. Le mien a eu le même comportement et maintenant il va bien. Je pense qu'il doit comprendre qu'il n'a plus le senseur de la position du safran.

  30. Larry Gldn Avatar

    I think there might be a plot here. You seemed to upgrade your auto pilot on this trip. A very pretty one too. I hope you can solve your problem. Enjoy your videos. larry

  31. Andreas Lüdke Avatar

    I liked the first person view in this episode. Did you received any response from RAN Sailing? Wish you all the best from cold Germany.

  32. Motor Vessel Freedom Avatar

    I need a Jack on my boat….he fixes everything…..lol

  33. forrest johnson Avatar

    As always your videos are great, If you can add the make and model of your Auto pilot I will see if I can get information for you. Thank you For sharing

  34. James Lane Avatar

    it's been 75 degrees in Kansas City spin really nice looks nice there too always your friend Jim

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