Chania, Crete: What Travelers Need to Know

Visiting the island of Crete is a highlight for anyone’s Greek vacation. The city of Chania and it’s surrounding areas are very popular for tourists and travelers to the island. Here we go through some of the sights, sounds, and food of Chania and let you know about accommodation, the beach, restaurants, transportation, and more when you visit Chania, Crete, Greece. Filmed outside of Chania, Crete, Greece Copyright Mark Wolters 2020#greece #crete #chaniaGrab some Wolters World travel gear http://www.woltersworld.storeHelp Us Keep Make More Honest Travel Videos: Jocelyn’s Adventures in Cooking & Life at Simply Jocelyn – of Our Favorite Travel Videos We Think Other Travelers Would Love
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29 responses to “Chania, Crete: What Travelers Need to Know”

  1. Chief Avatar

    is it easy to rent a car in Chania? also can i return the car in heraklion?

  2. Zach Carron Avatar

    Of note, international drivers license requirements have changed in the last couple years. We were not required to have an international permit being from the states.

  3. LD T Avatar

    That kid is related to Chucky. had to kill the feed cos of that.

  4. Katerina Raizvihh-Kondratjuk Avatar

    Hello! Thank you so much for amazing video! Can we enjoy the weather on October/November?

  5. yehya khaled Avatar

    OMG i was afraid he gets a heat stroke by the end of the video 😂😂

  6. Krza323 Avatar

    Going there at 8 am tmrw 😄😄😄 for the 6th time as it’s a beautiful country

  7. Stuart windle Avatar

    We're on holiday here now. What an amazing place, you can't help but fall in love with it.

  8. Account Avatar

    Most of that which is touristic in the world was built by Muslims . Beautiful

  9. Chadly Avatar

    My mother is from Chania and I love going back to Crete and visiting family and just soaking up where my parents are from 🇬🇷 🇺🇲 ❤️

  10. Panos A Avatar

    The boy loving the pastitsio! Amazing.

  11. Debby S. Avatar

    Very informative. Especially the international driver's license. How does one get that? BTW, are there automatic transmission cars to rent? Can't drive a stick. 😬

  12. Pavlos Konstantinidis Avatar

    Being a Greek I can honestly say, couldn't be said or described better ! Kudos and thanks for the review !

  13. Rita Avatar

    We're going in August!!

  14. Stuart windle Avatar

    Looks great. We'd booked in 2020 and had to cancel because of covid. Booking again later today.

  15. ElDiablo Avatar

    One more thing that wasn't mentioned in the video. If you go to Chania then you MUST go to Koukouvaya. It's a cafe on top of a hill next to the Venizelos' tombs that has the BEST view in Chania. You can literally see the whole town and the blue horizon. Not to mention that they have some of the best sweets there (I recommend the cheese cake and the Zoumero which is a chocolate cake). If you do go there then bear in mind that it will be crowded if you go in the summer especially on July or August) and the best tables will probably be taken. I suggest waiting for a table at the porch because it has unobstructed view. Also in case you don't have a car you can download the Chania City Bus which essentially has all the timeables, bus routes and locations.

  16. Jeff Carroll Avatar

    What time of year were you visiting?

  17. Leila M Avatar

    I loved the video its informative & to the point 👍

  18. Cali Livin Avatar

    Been to Chania twice, one of my favorite places in the world.

  19. bye:myself Avatar

    It's really sad that in the US, you obviously are totally oblivious to the environment: Taking planes wherever possible, renting cars instead of hopping on public buses etc. Never heard of climate change, right?! Shockingly ignorant!

  20. Kalisa G Avatar

    Can you tell me please on which bus I can drive from airport to the city center? Btw, your video, info and picture is gorgeous!

  21. Harry Cooper Avatar

    Don't forget about the Koukouvaya restaurant/pub, absolutely beautiful views of Chania and the Med Sea.

  22. Erich Von Molder Avatar

    So, Crete is basically for us people who live in the USA, about the same size as Long Island, New York, but without the LIE or South State Parkway.

  23. serrendipity Avatar

    Be aware of the very tasty honey and feta cheese parcels. They use unpasteurised feta cheese and if you're not acclimatised to it, you will find yourself farting and running for the bathroom.

  24. Walk With Me Tim Avatar

    GREAT video I'm due to travel in a week!

  25. Emmanuel Fiolakis Avatar

    Hello welcome to the all known and the unknown!

  26. Shavana Social Avatar

    I love your vlog and your commentary.. great views

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