Catamaran Sailing with Beautiful Crew

Thank you to AG1 for sponsoring this video! To get your 5 free travel packs and years supply of Vitamin D, click my link to order: had a great time sailing this catamaran around the spanish islands and exploring the Island of Cabrera.This channel is funded by viewers like you. Please help us keep this channel creating great content by becoming a patron Via Paypal to help
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39 responses to “Catamaran Sailing with Beautiful Crew”

  1. Harry Agrotis Avatar

    Geraldine is still my dreamgirl!!!!

  2. galliob Avatar

    I’m with other responders, really enjoy these videos and especially like it when Geraldine is included!

  3. Stacy Anderson Avatar

    Geraldine is a goddess! Your laugh is just wonderfully infectious. Love! the blue bikini by the way

  4. Start Visit Avatar

    common man shave ugly mustache already

  5. manish kumawat Avatar

    Man of culture we meet again

  6. Rain Man Avatar

    footage of women on boats in bikinis, i'm there…all that talking…not needed.

  7. Alexi Tselentis Avatar

    Blue bandana on .. Gorgeous πŸ’―πŸ’₯πŸ’£

  8. Nouveau Surf Co Avatar

    Try starting your day with a spicy BM1…i.e. Bloody Mary!

  9. Limer Avatar

    This is the crew you could build the channel with. Steph and Gee. Funny, fun but mature (like they know how to act in front of people when they have to).

  10. 8844balaji Avatar

    Catamaran ,origin of the word Tamil language katu means knot maram means wood we used to say katumaram

  11. EVER FORWARD Avatar

    Awesome Video!!! and Steph at the end… I love that after she was a bit off camera it just came out of her mouth!!!! you guys are the best!!!!!!!

  12. William Jones Avatar

    "What happened to Gerald?" I Love it

  13. William Jones Avatar

    I visited a castle in Germany (Heidelberg, I think) where they built the spiral stair clockwise. Impossible for someone coming up to wield a weapon right handed. But those defending could from above. And the steps were of uneven height to cause them to trip. Thanks for another good video.

  14. Jim v Avatar

    Geraldine is just so much fun! She's always laughing and having fun. Her voice, and her accent are just nice to listen to.
    Any video with Gee in it, is my favorite! 😍

  15. James Owens Avatar

    The is no historical component of what she said is real or slightly accurate.

    You played it off well.

  16. Jazz M Avatar

    Geraldean is the best!

  17. John H Avatar

    What you mean cant fly the drone??

  18. alf Avatar

    GG is my future wife whether she knows it or not! πŸ˜€

  19. Dairyair Avatar

    Donkey or slave or something? 🀣🀣🀣

    Good thing I watch for the bikinis instead of the history lessons.

  20. Museum Americana Avatar

    We absolutely LOVE Gee! So good to see her back!

  21. Paul Klebaum Avatar

    It's great to see and hear Gee again!!πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ˜ƒ

  22. Andrew P Avatar

    Did she say something about a castle.

  23. Angela Tutino Avatar

    I like seeing you happy Bobby….❀

  24. TicoLoco Avatar

    Views go up so much more when G is around. Time to cut off the dead weight Bobby.

  25. Bernard Huther Avatar

    You komm from my y speack from you

  26. Goalhanger Avatar

    steph is cute ☺️

  27. Elspiro Avatar

    Love your bloopers! πŸ™‚

  28. Cincyoldude57 Avatar

    Steph , you ,my dear are Bobby’s gravy train . Hell with G , don’t worry about her . You are just such a real , beautiful young lady .

  29. Rob Kirkland Avatar

    Still enjoying your content. Can't wait for the new boat and an ocean crossing!

  30. siberia1409 Avatar

    Great episode Bobby! G…..IS HOT AS HELL! WOW!

  31. Beach Living Avatar

    I am jealous. I want to get something straight between me and Geraldine!

  32. Uncommon Scents Avatar

    Please make "Steph Blooper" a thing Bobby

  33. Mike K444 Avatar

    Never ever lose Steph her smile alone is amazing, lucky man.

  34. Jimmy Blue Avatar

    Steph Rocks it in the beauty department

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