Bohol Philippines 2022 – Tourist Spots

Bohol is an incredible island in the Philippines, famous for its Tarsiers, Chocolate Hills, Manmade forest, and so many more. In this video, we will take you to these 3 famous places and show what they look like if you get a rainy day for your tour, just as we did.Have you ever seen a tarsier?Make sure to LIKE 👍 and SUBSCRIBE, so you won’t miss another new video.🌍 Monetize your social media and travel more (watch our free training): us on Instagram:​​ (Sigita) (Artūrs)Blog (subscribe and get our “How to overcome your fears” guide for free): https://stepstomake.comWe travel with Mark & Carina (Our sweet hideout):…All Music Used in this Video comes from HERE:… (The Best Copyright-Free Music – Try it Free. For 30 days!) Life-changing community if you want to learn how to get paid while traveling: (this literally changed my life)
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21 responses to “Bohol Philippines 2022 – Tourist Spots”

  1. All Things Review Avatar

    How was your driver? Would you recommend? Thanks

  2. Teresita Pagsolingan Avatar

    Welcome to philippines and nice you come to bohol a nice place and you see tarsier,a small monkey.the one you eat call otap one of cebu product and dried mango taste its nice.

  3. Ben Burns Avatar

    Don't know if you follow Feels like home channel but they have a really good video Called "Epic Day in Bohol" and they have some awesome video of the Chocolate Hills in the sunshine. Enjoyed your closeup video of the Tarsiers, very good.

  4. Sergs Lozada Avatar

    thanks for sharing this beautiful place in bohol watching from Dubai United Arab Emirates done subscribe no skipping the Adds

  5. Ken Hal Avatar

    Its so sad that it was raining whwn you got there at Chocolate Hills. But i enjoyed seeing tarsiers in their own habitat. Sad that they are now extinct. Youre lucky youve seen them. I havent seen a tarsier in all my life.

  6. Caro and Charlye Avatar

    Love it! We were supposed to travel the Philippines last year & unfortunately weren't able to, but we still traveled many other countries during our world trip. Currently sharing Colombia

  7. Nna yam Avatar

    You should visit Camiguin it's near already.


    Welcome to the Philippines. I am a subscriber now 🙂

  9. Ted De Dios Avatar

    Enjoy your trip to Bohol, send my regards to little Yoda…

  10. Glenn Pamplona Avatar

    Welcome to my beautiful province, Bohol!

  11. Zyi Mags Avatar

    That's so wonderful that you visited my province Bohol. I hope you come back here next time and it's sunset you can really more enjoy and see the amazing view much clearly…It's bad that it's rainy day when you went here. You can do more fun. Better next time when you come back again! Thank you for the coming. Enjoy your trip and stay in the Philippines,guys 😘 I'm rooting in all your new vids. ❤️

  12. Edgardo Otara Avatar

    Hello! you can see the real chocolate hills during dry season like rows of chocolates, anyway it never change its size & shape on wet season but onky its color.

  13. Seg Bin Avatar

    The tourist port of Tagbilaran is clean.

  14. Michael Mcknight Avatar

    Chocolate hills does look very nice on a sunny day but even then after 10 minutes there's not really much to do there but nice to tick it off the bucket list. I do like Bohol but it is even better if you get nice weather. I'm sure you two will have a fabulous time and will be made very welcome by the happiest people on the planet.

  15. KEV WANDERS Avatar

    That mini creature was so cute!!

  16. kiss of heaven Avatar

    Glad you like my home country, nice to see you both enjoying your time in the Philippines, greetings from New Zealand

  17. Miggy and Jim Avatar

    To all my favorite travel vloggers, are you all alright? CLARIN BRIDGE LOAY, BOHOL just collapsed April 27 wed. 4pm please ask help or report to authorities if any problems. Keep safe please!

  18. Mami Jen  Avatar

    Your so sweet both of you nice to watch your video

  19. Mami Jen  Avatar

    Hope you like it to visit our country

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