Best way to Experience the Sahara Desert | Camping in Merzouga, Morocco

The final Morocco vlog is here! Camping in the Sahara Desert at a spot called Merzouga.Here we rode camels to our remote campsite, spent the night eating Moroccan food and listening to music played by the locals.In the morning we made our way back to our new campsite by camel ride before jumping into some Jeeps to go on Safari.To end it all a big long 13 hour bus ride to Marrakesh so we can finally show you what staying in a Riad is like.Next stop: Flying home to surprise Jess’s brother for Christmas!Tour we are on in Morocco: we get our incredible music from: (— Great for royalty free Travel Vlog & YouTube music)Gear we shot this video with – TO NEVER MISS AN EPISODE:—————————————-­­– FLYING THE NEST: Website • Facebook • Twitter • Snapchat • Instagram • Twitter • Instagram • Twitter •—————————————­­–Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!!We also run a travel, tech and lifestyle blog over at if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest.—————————————-­­– End credit song: Ticky Tacky by Biocratic: —————————————-­­–For list of full Camera Equipment we use – Video Edited on Gigabyte Aero 15:
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34 responses to “Best way to Experience the Sahara Desert | Camping in Merzouga, Morocco”

  1. Hors des sentiers battus Avatar

    Hi, thanks for this incredible video ! I would like to know if you think if it's possible de cross the Merzouga desert alone (whitout a guide), with my backpack and my tent ? Or a guide is necessary ?

  2. The Wandering Family Avatar

    how did you get to bring your drone into morocco? i heard they don't allow at immigration.

  3. Florencia Jerez Avatar

    Which moment of the year were you there? Im gonna go in february I guess irs gonna be pretty cold

  4. Brent & Kelly Avatar

    Please research animal welfare concerns before camel riding.

  5. Estefane Oy Avatar

    Is Ouarzazate cold in february?

  6. fouad218 Avatar

    The aluminum tajine what a pitty

  7. Andreas Ingo Avatar

    Another Great Video!

    Incredible to watch the majestic vista of the Moroccan desert in contrast to the blue city you filmed earlier. A positive vibe and a sense of discovery almost sending chills down my spine due to my own experience of the country now enhanced by your own trips with camels in the Moroccan desert.

    I didn't make it to the actual desert though myself I just took a boat ride from Algeciras, Spain to Tangier, Morocco and got to see some interesting sights indeed.

    Nice that we got to see the camp at night in the desert here, feel the atmosphere and the ways of the locals playing drums at night. Food is always interesting as shown in this video. You had a taste of some local made bread here – something I would gladly try myself!

    Ways to improve for future video logs?

    Perhaps that someday in the future you could follow the advice of Nomadic Matt (A known travel blogger) that you could make a "theme trip" which means you would get away a bit from the things most people do on their trips and decide to do something rather peculiar like making a trip about jazz music. Going to jazz bars, talking to jazz musicians in those bars, getting dressed like such a musician – or a fan! – or something along those lines.

    And then combine the "theme trip" with something that more easily comes to mind. Not being too hard on oneself just getting away a bit from what one is used to not get bored if one feels that way.

    I haven't tried that appoach myself but it sounded interesting – I mostly follow my heart!

    Morocco is awesome.

    Great video and good luck on your trips in the future!

    If you're interested check out the travel section on my homesite "Continuation" where I present articles connected to my travels (including travels to Morocco).

  8.  Morocco TRAVELING Avatar

    the pressure cooker for the tourist, the marrakchi no longer want tourists to stay in dades or Todgha

  9. Bo Koster Avatar

    Are the drone shots made by yourself?

  10. Carolina Lainez Avatar

    Great video! I just subscribed to your channel………..if possible please tell me the name of the riad in Marakesh.

  11. Autumn Avatar

    Hi there! Quick question. I noticed you were filming with a drone and I had researched that Morocco has a strict no-drone policy and that one traveler got their drone confiscated at customs. Are drones allowed? We would love to bring one but didn’t want to risk it getting confiscated.

  12. King Amongst Kings Sr. Avatar

    Looks beautiful but I'm too worried about poisonous snakes and scorpions to visit the Sahara desert.

  13. Bob Avatar

    Welcome to Marzouga . Feel free to ask any question. We are ready to welcome you to the beautiful Merzouga

  14. FsimulatorX Avatar

    how is this guy getting drone shots when the country has banned drones XD

  15. Hacking World Travel Avatar

    I did it by myself with no tour guides.
    Just drove in.
    Woke up and there were Camels all around

  16. Stata Professor Avatar

    Too much face time – please show scenes

  17. Suresh Chitturi Avatar

    Amazing video and thanks for sharing. Did you guys stay in the Desert in December? was it too cold? How was your experience?

  18. Berber Avatar

    I just watched this video and realized it's pre-pandemic. Sorry you had to head back to Australia.

  19. Spicy Translations Avatar

    African music? R u sure about that? 🤔

  20. Spicy Translations Avatar

    It's just crazy when you say the word "no", it sounds you're literally adding an r to the end of the word.

  21. Morocco Authentic Tours Avatar

    We hope to welcome Slovenia people in the Sahara Desert Morocco

  22. naspics Avatar

    what an amazing experience. I just wanna go back to correct one info stated in the video. You mentioned that nearly 44 Million of Moroccans are living a nomadic life which obviously totally incorrect. The whole population of Morocco is under 40 Mio and around 65 % to 70% are living in the cities.

  23. M TV Avatar

    This looks amazing! Thanks for posting this! 🙂
    What was the name of the traveling group you went thru for this? and how long was the over all trip?

  24. Justice 4 All Avatar

    I'm in Marrakech now what tour company you use?

  25. Post Indie rock Avatar

    MUCH better than the tour I got with some guy named Yusef around 2009.

  26. Post Indie rock Avatar

    In the Atlas mountains, of course, it snows!

  27. Exploreas Lay Avatar

    It's actually amazigh music aha, hope you enjoyed your trip!

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