Best time to visit Vietnam

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: today’s video, I will tell you the best time to visit Vietnam based on the seasons, weather, festivals, and beautiful scenery.– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –🧳Wanna book a tour?🍹Ultimate Saigon Nightlife Map (Best bars and nightclubs)✈️Services you might need before traveling to Vietnam (health insurance, TEFL, hotel booking, etc)
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39 responses to “Best time to visit Vietnam”

  1. Leo Slayer Avatar

    I am visiting Vietnam in July, it is my first time, I love your vlogs 😊
    Thank you

  2. EpicArnold Travels Avatar

    Thank you for telling us useful information about Vietnam. Now I really want to visit one day! You are amazing What The Pho!

  3. Haydn John Avatar

    OMG. You mentioned Gordon Ramsay but didn't mention Luke Nguyen 😞 Luke's Vietnamese TV series are worth watching.

  4. PoojaM Avatar

    We are planning trip to vietnam in first week of May. Can you suggest which places to visit based on pleasant weather

  5. Zuri McCormick Avatar

    Best weather review I've seen. Thanks.

  6. desember Avatar

    Love vietnam ❤🎉🎉🎉 greeting from Indonesia

  7. Soumi Mitra Majumdar Avatar

    Is it good time to travel in May 1 st holiday.. Some people telling me it can get very crowded!!

  8. Ross Arnold Avatar

    Thank you so much for such an informative clip. May I suggest you banish the words "Spring, Fall, Autumn and Winter" from you repertoire (as these only apply to a few Northern or Southern Hemisphere countries). Instead, list only the months you are talking about that are relivant to VN, ie May to July, August to October, etc.

  9. Jason O'Connell Avatar

    Hello, make it sense to visit Vietnam in November? We want to start in Hanoi and end up in Phu coc. Visit time is 3 weeks. Can we expect a lot of rain? Thank you in advance for your answer

  10. Tess Mariea Avatar

    I think this is amazing video i have learned going to vietnam. Thank youbfor sharing.

  11. Krisztian Nagy Szeder Avatar

    Hi Im planing to go Vietnam from December to January From Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi -30 days 🙂

  12. BigDeals Consultants Avatar

    Place time to vist halong bay ??

  13. pri Avatar

    Hi which cities will you suggest if we are planning vietnam in may?

  14. PHOENIX SON Avatar

    You are so beautiful. Love your work

  15. Chen Richard Avatar

    Appreciate if you can recommend a good guide in Hanoi for a city tour. Both English and Chinese languages shall work well for me. Thank you!

  16. travels home and abroad Avatar

    So stick to HCMC IN FEBURARY?? Give hanoi a miss in feburary is wat ur saying right??? I was goin hanoi in feb 17th so i better stay in saigon instead ? Let me know plz

  17. Xinet Huynh Avatar

    hello, im planning a family trip to Da Nang on November 17.2023, will that be an okay time to visit weather wise ?? thank you 😊


    I am from India and am planning to visit Vietnam for my 1st international trip.

    Loved watching your video, wanted to know whether April, May or June would be best to visit all three region of Vietnam

  19. Brendan Avatar

    Thank you this was amazing. I’ve been to Vietnam a couple of times and absolutely love it. We were booked for April 2020 but Covid so that was canceled, so we are now planning our new trip. Vietnam is a beautiful place, the people, the culture and the food are amazing.

  20. Charles Lowery Avatar

    Amazing ! My memory of Vietnam is in the early 1970's during the war…regrettably. However, I recall the country being beautiful and the people gracious and welcoming. I haven't been back since 1975 but plan on visiting in April 1024 (Hanoi). Thank you for the insight into my travel plans !!

  21. Vincent Lopresti Avatar

    Hi Great vid I been thinking of going to Ho Chi Minh city mid May and staying for 2 weeks Will this be OK weather wise?

  22. Chac Mool Avatar

    I chose to visit Hanoi in January, just last week, because of the cool weather, and it paid off. The weather was delightfully fresh. If you live in hot and humid SEAsia, look to Hanoi in January for a cool respite. 😉

  23. CIWANE TV Avatar

    Thank you for informations I watch your video from Canada 😁👍

  24. Noah Levine Avatar

    We might end up in Vietnam in January. I noticed that you didn't really mention January in your time line. Is this generally a bad time to visit?

  25. On Thai Avatar

    Amazing!!!! You are so smart, bright & beautiful! (please take that as a complement) I Accidentally found you today, so glad I did! already watched half dozen of your videos. Why I moved back to Vietnam was the one made me wonder the most about myself, living the rat race in America, working 70-80 hrs week as an event designer, the stress level is through roof most of the time, I simply burned out and had enough.
    How many videos do have? I may end up watching them all while I am eating my pretty late dinner. Keep up the good work, I am a fan so far.

  26. Navaneetha Krishnan Avatar

    Is it safe to travel as a couple to Vietnam?

  27. Rudy Masato Avatar

    Thank You for this video and it will helped us a lots during visit to Vietnam.

  28. L.T. Tanawat Avatar

    I will visit to Ho Chi Minh and Nah Trang Vietnam in the end of February, I would like to know, do you know about Gospel Christian Church?

  29. Elizabeth Diane Wattimena Avatar

    Hai Van… Amazing! I found your video is VERY HELPFUL for me. I'm planning to go to Vietnam next year on my solo travel, and looking for the best month to travel. This is a thoroughly video. Thank you so much!

  30. kizboss Avatar

    Thanks for all the info. We are going to Vietnam this February for 1 month. We are starting from the south and traveling north to Hanoi. Your videos are very helpful. Let's meet up in Ho Chi Minh 😉

  31. Jammil Hermosa Avatar

    Hello! When is the best month to go to SAPA to witness snow?

  32. Bray Wok Avatar

    Hi Van, I'm planning to visit Hanoi & Ha Long Bay for our anniversary on the mid of January 2023, how cold would that be out there? Btw I'm planning to stay at the old quarter for 3 night + 1 night on Ha Long Cruise (still looking for the best yet affordable hotel & Cruise). Any suggestion? Any restriction or special requirement (due to Covid) to enter Hanoi at the moment? Tks b4 ..

  33. บะฯญัติ พลชนพ Avatar


  34. บะฯญัติ พลชนพ Avatar


  35. Gamogamer Avatar

    Hey thank you lots for this video, i was wondering about the burning season with the haze and how they play out in the regions. Do you have experience with that

  36. Rob Avatar

    Amazing video with so much great content! Thank you! I have added so many places on Google maps to travel to during my first 30day trip!

  37. Anupam Roy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the info. I am planning to visit Vietnam on April 2023

  38. Steve O videos Avatar

    IMHO, foreigners should boycott Vietnam until they change the 30 day Visa policy and open up for one year visa's for US passport holders for starters. I will not return until this is changed. Seducing people to come to Vietnam, then refusing their visit to 30 days or less, is not a valid policy. BOYCOTT VIETNAM until the VISA scheme improves

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