Best Adult-Only Cruise Lines And Cruises

I look at the very best adult-only cruise lines and cruises. I explore four main topics: (1) Adult-Only Cruise Lines, (2) Adult Ships / Cruises, (3) Adult-Focused cruise lines (where you are less likely to find kids) and (4) how to choose a cruise that will have low or less chance of finding kids on board. I really enjoy adult-only cruising and these are the tips and guidance that I use to find these.SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY: Buying my Cruise T-shirts: Booking your next cruise with CRUISEDIRECT.COM: THESE POPULAR RECENT VIDEOS: 10 Cabins to Avoid: European River Cruise Watch-Outs: 5 Cruises To Avoid: Alaska Cruise Need-to-Knows: Things Cruise Lines Don’t Want You to Know: Rules Passengers Break Most: Things You Can’t Do On A Cruise Any More: Should You Pay Cruise Gratuities: Bembridge’s Tips For Travellers aims to help you make more of your precious travel time and money on land and when cruising the oceans or rivers of the world. To help you, in every video I draw on my first-hand tips and advice from travelling every month for over 20 years and 77 cruises at time of making this video.Follow Tips For Travellers on: – Instagram: – Facebook: – Twitter: #BestCruisesForAdults #CruiseTips #GaryBembridge #TipsForTravellers
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32 responses to “Best Adult-Only Cruise Lines And Cruises”

  1. no name Avatar

    Virgin, Viking, Saga, P&O, Marella, Cruise&Maritime, Fred Olsen, Oceania, Azamara — Saga is seriously 50+ only?

  2. John Faustus Avatar

    Hi @gary – not everyone is a homosexual.

  3. D. Ski Avatar

    If its adult only, can you tan nude on deck?

  4. Tammy Driver Avatar

    I'd love to see a video dedicated to those cruise lines/ships that are 40+ or 50+ only.

  5. Connor Avatar

    apparent virgin voyages is actually mostly old people in their 60's. I want a cruise without kids but where most people are under 40. I cant find anything 😫😫

  6. ray bon Avatar

    The only thing I hate about a cruise is when it returns to this rat hole.

  7. riskinhos Avatar

    dam….he really hates kids ahah

  8. Marissa Harp Avatar

    I will be starting to only try to find adult only cruises near me cause I don’t want to be around annoying children.

  9. Jessy49 Avatar

    Star clipper line has “no solo supplement” cruises and in my experience, has very few children as there are no facilities for kids. Maybe one child on every 4 cruises I’ve taken on this line.

  10. Charlotte Kelly Avatar

    Sorry, spoke too soon. You do have it mentioned compared to Oceania. Thank you.

  11. Charlotte Kelly Avatar

    What about Azumara Cruises? I thought they were adult only cruises?

  12. Tancred De Hauteville Avatar

    I thought 'adult only' cruises are ones where there are swingers clubs and brothels on board! 😁

  13. Rose Hong Avatar

    Thank you so much Gary for this video. I’ve been searching for adult only cruises to Mediterranean & the Caribbean. Very helpful video.

  14. Megan Votour Avatar

    I am 30 years old and don’t have or want children. While I don’t mind a cruise with children occasionally I do like hearing about cruises I could do without kids or at least with minimized children.

  15. Austin Harn Avatar

    You have to be over 18 to go Virgin… is anybody else laughing at the irony of this statement.

  16. CaptainDuckman Avatar

    sadly quite often "adult only" package vacations tend to end up being "booze and party all night, then take the last person you meet to your cabin and spend the day in erotic adventures".
    Or even if not, that's how the descriptions more often than not read so I avoid them…

    More likely to book something that's out of season for school holidays and out of budget for most people with children.
    A 3000 Euro per person vacation after all is somewhat affordable for me (every few years) but not so much for a family of 4 who're expected by everyone around them to take their children on a 2 week vacation at least twice a year to keep up their social standing (and especially that of the children among their classmates).

  17. Jamie Perez Avatar

    Any advice for a singles cruise to meet new people?

  18. Itznun Yabizness Avatar

    I just booked a Virgin 5 night cruise out of Miami based on this video! Cost just under a thousand dollars. Not bad for a solo cruise!

  19. Thomas Poke Avatar

    Gary’s reviews are always excellent and this one is no exception. I think he answered the question as to which cruises are officially adults only, and provided good tips on other ways to avoid children — longer cruises, off season cruises. The other way is to choose a cruise — or cruise line — that offers children nothing to do, that is, caters to a mature crowd that likes to read and be more sedate. Or a cruise line that is significantly more expensive. Seabourn, Regent, Silversea are three lines that are all-inclusive, all-suite, and tend not to have children though they are not forbidden. Mostly the youngest child you might see is in his or her 30’s.

  20. Cruise into wealth Avatar

    This is a great topic to cover for cruisers. Awesome way to cover it.

  21. 26Snoopy82 Avatar

    What cruises yo find single ladies! I have seen some pictures of some cruises they have a lot of gambling. I’m not into gambling. I’m in my late 30’s and single.

  22. Traaseth92 Avatar

    Number 1 Viking Ocean Cruises

  23. JR Graff Avatar

    For LGBT travelers, choose the charter Vacaya! They had their first cruise out of NYC in August 2019 and are having their first Caribbean outing in January 2022 on Celebrity Millennium.

  24. Dan White Avatar

    Here in Texas, we try to avoid kids, but people here homeschool, so you always have kids on Royal. I think every day is a holiday for kids that are homeschooled.

  25. PJ Avatar

    I am for Viking, I was booked to go on a ocean cruise with them & sadly had to cancelled because of the Coronavirus. But will go on a cruise with them when this Coronavirus is over & very safe to travel again.

  26. Chris Williams Avatar

    Thx Gary, what about Voyages to Antiquities? Not sure about them, even if they take kids, I don’t think many would be going on them,

  27. Akhil Kj Avatar

    I am a adult,😘😍😍

  28. Cuon Ly Avatar

    Happy quarantine and please don’t cry for government help

  29. Hue Janus Avatar

    Maybe now is not a great time to be on a cruise ship. Aren't there currently 4 or 5 stuck out at sea or in quarantine?

  30. Nathan Hollis Avatar

    I only do theme cruises now such as full charter jazz music cruises. Only mature adults onboard with all the kid areas and kids entertainment on ship completely short down.

  31. jon davis Avatar

    Not only can you get the coronavirus, you can also get yourself a dose of the herpes.

  32. Sandra Wuerthner Avatar

    I travelled in March 2017 with the Norwegian Cruise Line from Valpariso to Buenos Aires. I saw only 2 or 3 babys – no kids,… If I didn't see the babys I would thought – adults only. It was an amazing cruise 🙂 Balcony state room 🙂

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