Abandoned MILLIONAIRE Mansion and Hotel And EVERYTHING LEFT BEHIND | BLACKBOROUGH HOUSE | Abandoned Places UK For Sale In this video, we will see an Abandoned MILLIONAIRE Mansion & Hotel that’s completely untouched and everything has been left behind! Abandoned mansion, abandoned cars, abandoned house, abandoned places uk then and now, exploring abandoned places uk, abandoned places england, entering abandoned places, exploring abandoned places encounter, abandoned places scary encounters, abandoned places homeless encounter, abandoned places in the world, abandoned places explored, abandoned places documentary, abandoned places vlogs, abandoned places scary, abandoned places in hindi, abandoned places gone wrong.#uk #abandoned #abandonedplaces #abandonedhouse #englandBlackborough HouseBlackborough House is a millionaire country mansion in Blackborough, in eastern Devon. The 8-bedroom mansion was built in 1838 by George Francis Wyndham, the 4th Earl of Egremont, of Orchard Wyndham, Somerset.Architecture :The house is a square block constructed from stuccoed brick, with stone dressings and has hipped slate roofs with red ridge tiles. It has an arched colonnade or loggia around it on three sides and has two separate sets of stairs. These entrance towers were originally 70 feet tall. The house has 10 acres of grounds surrounding it.History of Owners and Uses :The house has been used as the rectory, a school, a home for vagrants, filming location or simply a rented property.Decline and Restoration Plans :In 2011 the house and 12 acres were for sale for £1 million (later reduced to £750,000), but did not sell.Ambitious plans had been submitted to transform Blackborough House into a 60-bed hotel including new villas, a botanical garden and amphitheatre. However, the plans were refused.The incredible derelict manor house is up for sale now.In 2020, this abandoned mansion is put on sale for the bargain price of £400,000.The house is in need of complete renovation. If restored, it can be one of Devon’s finest architectural gems.Please like, comment and subscribe for more such videos.
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