Abandoned military project: Secret US army base explored

Abandoned Italy: Sardinia (subtitles available) Episode 02 “4 Carlie”On the highest mountain massif in northern Sardinia, a formerly secret US military base is located. This is a place where the ghost of the Cold War is still present today. In the past, locals have told many rumors and stories about this place which have endured to this day. In this episode, we want to find out the truth. Join us as we travel back in time to declassify the past! #urbex #abandonedplaces #bwturbexWatch our ACE High explorations from 2018: Station D.d.G. ► https://youtu.be/BbGBms4QMY4 Ice Station Zebra ► https://youtu.be/EGE6OWRiDzQThe archive material shown in this episode was taken from Vincenzo Frenda’s film “Nato segreta” and a 1967 US Army production “Your Army Reports No. 10”.Watch the full mini-series Abandoned Italy: Sardinia ► https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLSZyBuqFeMA-HAvtphHPBcxd9DXZUTmB __________________________________________________Join our adventures! ► Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bwturbex ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bwturbex ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bwturbex ► Shop: https://www.bwturbex.com ► Email: info@bwturbex.com @bwturbex __________________________________________________00:00 – Intro 01:39 – Climbing an antenna 04:29 – Explained: Tropospheric scattering 06:21 – Sunset 09:52 – Before we sleep, we feast 11:05 – Brief digression: ACE High 12:40 – Sunrise 15:00 – What remains 17:37 – What’s next? __________________________________________________Music: “The Choice” – Alec Slayne “Subconscious” – Nihoni “I Think I Was There” – Emil Axelsson “Mirrored Seduction” – Walt Adams “Cold War Games” – Gabriel Lewis “Sudden” – Timothy Infinite “Revenge” – Alec Slayne “121211” – Enigmanic
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27 responses to “Abandoned military project: Secret US army base explored”

  1. Broken Window Theory Avatar

    Our summer holidays are over! Well, it was not really a holiday since we were out exploring basically the whole time – but we did not upload much to our channel. That will change now. We are focusing on editing again! In the second installment of Abandoned Italy: Sardinia we are exploring a former US army base and discover an abandoned military project. Let us know your opinion about our new video!

  2. Linda Mesa Avatar

    Guys! Now that the US Military has admitted sightings of UFOs maybe we can open these towers back up!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Skyliner Avatar

    As an American, I can say, it's one thing to leave this mess in our own country and quite another to leave in someone else's home.

  4. Brian Corty Avatar

    These are in Nome Alaska as well


    Greatly appreciated guys.Watching history of the world,it's really hard to accept these kind of things existed before my birth.(1961).Real Wonders of the world.GOD bless you all.

  6. MainurBhai Avatar

    Amazing place, stunning nature and the mind blowing cinematography!
    What else we need ❤️

  7. Tess Avatar

    Be safe Sacha, Till, & Marco.

  8. Bladerunner 75 Avatar

    Very well done guys. Cold war stuff is always very interesting to see. I collect cold war fallout shelter things like signs and old civil defense rations here in the U.S. thank you for sharing. Cheers

  9. Drew Shourd Avatar

    Amazing video, you all are awesome….best shot of the video imo, @10:19 the sunset of where you set up your tents, amazing. Bravo!! But @10:59 WOW!!!!…a very close second!!

  10. Morganey1 Avatar

    The cold War is over? Really? Yes. Keep on wearing masks, performing useless tests, and perform harmful medical treatments. The war we are facing NOW let the so called cold War appear like a kindergarten party 🎉

  11. Raccoonov Avatar

    This video has a different flavor now

  12. Geostationary0rbit Avatar

    Strange to think this videos statements about the Cold War was only a year ago

  13. Mike Tayon Avatar

    Our country (USA) should pay at LEAST 1/2 to clean up that mess!!!!!!!! Not sure how many NATO countries benefited from the relay station, or for how long, but certainly, a little assistance from NATO would be inline to cleaning up the property, and restoring al that can be restored within reason.

  14. lanet Avatar

    real terrorist hides out! Cold war period. Installations were horrible man!

  15. David Yishai Avatar

    These are Over The Horizon radars for tracking ICBMs. NOT communications…

  16. fun2create Avatar

    My husband was stationed at that site in 1976 (among 30 other guys) in charge of the radio equipment and, on the side, he ran the bar among other things. He said it was really interesting and the view was absolutely beautiful. Nothing underground and not so secret. We really enjoyed the video. I wish someone had video of how it was back then.

  17. Owlette Avatar

    I don't think it was a secret base. Looks pretty obvious lol

  18. Rowan Duff Avatar

    Was für eine tolle Erkundung! Danke BWT!

  19. benzlick Avatar

    What an amazing exploration! Thank you for compiling and sharing!

  20. Derren Lee Poole Avatar

    Excellent stuff. Really well presented content!

  21. Michael Huang Avatar

    Your video quality is really high! What do you think of the current Sino-US competition? Will there be a new cold war?

  22. Steven H Avatar

    13:52 WTF?? The USA sold a bit of Italy BACK to Italy ???? lol

  23. MES Avatar

    thank you for the video 🙏🏻❤️

  24. українська принцеса-воїн Avatar

    Someone else commented it & I agree- these folks are the National Geographic of Urbex! It’s true!!!
    These videos are just in another universe with even the biggest channels!! The humble & respectful approach to document & record the history, the backstory to the places & things, the artistic quality of the photography & videography – it’s just incredible!!!! Each video is a delight! It feels almost like actually being there in person & I always learn something interesting!!
    This is pretty much the only Urbex channel I can stand to watch, if I do watch any videos on other channels I have to mute the volume & fast forward through a lot. Their juvenile approach to the entire project, the inappropriate music, the way they have to handle, poke, prod & move objects, the commotion between the explorers, their ignorance as to the history of the places & things, their disregard of dangerous situations like black mold etc is just beyond annoying & makes it just impossible for me to enjoy looking at the places filmed. This channel has NONE of those issues – AT ALL!!! There’s just absolutely no comparison to be perfectly honest! 👏👏👏👏👏

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