A city of stray cats. We did our best to feed as many as we could.

In late 2017, we spent a month in the charming village of Kotor, in Montenegro. The city is ruled by cats. Folklore/legend, suggests the city was once saved by cats. Villagers often feed and care for the cats (of course, with some exceptions). Never, have we seen so many cats in a city before. They are everywhere, and very friendly as they are used to humans feeding them, giving them affection, or shelter. Here’s a short video we made of just a few of the feline creatures we met in cat heaven, also known as the city of Kotor. 🙂 EnjoyUPDATE: We often help animals and people in need. See our other videos to be inspired: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpYYDmlbJWL6ro0X1maWjf5N4LKHUkGYeSome of you have asked us to start a Patreon account. I’ve never felt right in asking for help or even receiving it – I’ve always preferred offering it. However, to those who do wish to help us in kind, I have created a Patreon account here for those who have asked. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=16406253Copyright/Credits: All video footage is under copyright to it’s rightful creator. Please do not copy or distribute in part or whole without my permission. Music copyright belongs to their respective owners and used under YouTube’s standard license.Gear: Sony FDR-X3000 https://amzn.to/2wUHPSY Sandisk Extreme PRO card https://amzn.to/2oXdIa1Edited using Kdenlive (Linux)About Us: I’m PJ. My partner, inspiration, trainer, chef, and moral compass, Risa, are what we (reluctantly) refer to as, digital nomads. I say, reluctantly, as I’ve been living the digital nomad lifestyle for about 15 years now (long before the term was coined, and became the cheesy trend it is today. It seems that everyone these days on vacation with a laptop, a pina colada next to them, Avicii on their headphones, and a dozen memory sticks filled with selfies now considers themselves a (don’t forget the hashtag) digital nomad.I started out at age 19.I quit my job at the time, to focus on the then still relatively unknown arbitrage business model as applied on eBay. Long story short, I saw an opportunity, invested all I had in it (time + money) and by my early 20s, I no longer had any interest in returning to Canada (where I grew up). I bounced mostly around Asia, for many years (all the usual nomad hotspots: Thailand, Vietnam, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, with a preference for Japan (lived all over Japan, from Tokyo, to the most remote Japanese islands in the Pacific). In late 2013, one of my returns to Tokyo, I met a captivating young woman, Risa, who helped me to re-calibrate my high-flyin’, rock-star lifestyle and regain focus. Within a few months of meeting, she elected to quit her job in Tokyo and joined me on this nomadic journey.This channel, will document our perpetual traveller lifestyle. It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun. There are highs and lows. Sometimes money is very tight, other times it seems like it’s the least of our worries. But when done right, the digital nomad lifestyle is a journey unlike any other.Over the last few years, we generally stay off the beaten path and instead venture into areas seldom spoken about in digital nomad circles. You won’t see us visiting Bali, Saigon, or Bangkok. Been there, got the SIM card, and still feel a bit hungover. As we travel, we focus on personal growth, on disconnecting, unlearning, and thus thriving. We attempt to engage in philanthropy when we can. We respect the cultures kind enough to allow us to visit their land and their homes. Feel free to send us feedback, comments, suggestions.Thank you for taking an interest in our journey. More videos of exotic places, stories, and people, will be uploaded weekly. As a demonstration of my gratitude to you for taking an interest in us, I will continue improving the quality of the content I create for you on a regular basis.PJ, and RisaZapraszamy do nas pisać po polsku. 私たちは日本語で手紙を書くことを勧めます。
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25 responses to “A city of stray cats. We did our best to feed as many as we could.”

  1. PJ ski Avatar

    We often help fellow earthlings in need (both animal and human form). Please see and share our other videos of random kindness to help us out:

  2. Cat Lover Avatar

    Watching that injured cat just brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't leave without having him treated. If not treated they can get an infection, probable maggots. It's so nice of you both to go around feeding these beautiful kitties. I used buy a 16 lb bag of cat food and go to my childhood park and feed the cats. I noticed that the ducks were eating the cat food. These poor ducks were starving. It's sad to see that people don't really care about these precious animals.


    Why that idoit they grab that cat like that

  4. patrick gordon Avatar

    their is a special place over the rainbow bridge for yous ..

  5. v v Avatar

    This is awesome! And I love how you guys don't do the cringy baby talk or call yourselves cat mom and dad

  6. Juanita Lewis Avatar

    kids need to be taught to respect animals

  7. Vikingdescendent Avatar

    Well done video! Poor kitty at the 3:09 mark. Their tip is their presence and allowing you to pet them! Anytime I see a cat or dog, I can't help but smile. We can judge people by the way they treat animals. Thank you!

  8. Ana's Homestead Avatar

    Nice folk lore story about the cats once saving the city.

  9. Daniela Tamayo Avatar

    Thank you for feeding these hungry cats. I’m a cat lover n I also feed a few who come by our home. I enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Minh Pham Avatar

    Văn minh ý thức là đây. Chỉ cần nhìn con vật tuy không có người chủ thương yêu chăm sóc mà vui vẻ hạnh phúc cũng biết được tình yêu con người giành cho con vật. Xã hội văn minh ý thức con người sẽ cho ta thấy

  11. Mihaela Spatarus Avatar

    Beautiful people!!!!!💖 I love you!!!!! 💖

  12. Lambang Amandugati Avatar

    In indonesia, Kotor means Dirt

  13. MorningStar Kematch Avatar

    I love that they're so friendly…they would be a great candidate for the catch and release program. If Kotor has one!

  14. PolitischTourette Avatar

    Some people in the balcans still treat cats like shit because they are superstitious. They think cats are evil …from the devil. Really true.this is why some people treat them very badly ..throw water bottles at them … Hence some cats really seem very cautious of Humans!!!

  15. PolitischTourette Avatar

    And 4:04 is def NOT a cats person. What little asshole!!!

  16. PolitischTourette Avatar

    Cats dont lie…they love Whiskas. Well its like fast food for humans, but better than no food xD….or Fishbones

  17. Hamza Rezza Avatar

    Guuuys you are an angels…keep this love on our planet…love u both 💗

  18. April King Avatar

    Kotor Kitties has brought hope to the strays of Montenegro through the first organized spay-neuter program! Hope you'll follow us: http://www.facebook.com/kotorkitties ! This charity formed in 2018, after a visit to Kotor revealed the magnitude of suffering of the homeless animals. Since January 1, 2019, we've sterilized upwards of 320 cats, working with kind and compassionate local veterinarians. Donation information is included on our page.

  19. Kopelat Avatar

    You are the gods of the cats. they really like you and… is this japan? Ive heard that its a Cats Empire ;D

  20. diane cook Avatar

    Thank you for helping these poor cats. They also need veterinary treatment. Very touching💖

  21. ТишаTV TishaTV Avatar

    moooooooo лоооооооррррррыыыыы!!!!!!!

  22. RedRose R Avatar

    Thanks for feeding the cats 🐈🐱

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