12 Things To See & Do In CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND | UK Travel Guide

Considering a visit to Cambridge, England? In this UK travel guide we show you the best things to see and do in this beautiful, laid-back city. These recommendations are based off our own trip to Cambridge, so we hope you find it helpful. As well as showing you the sights and attractions (and places to eat and drink of course!) we have peppered the practical information you need for planning your trip along the way.MORE UK TRAVEL GUIDES: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLklu2vvKTLyrtwkUU1aQI1R_ABCYBmLBHCHAPTERS:00:00 Intro to our Cambridge Travel Guide 00:30 Visit a College 02:38 Walking Tours 03:32 Punting 05:16 The Corpus Clock 05:52 Mathematical Bridge 06:36 Cambridge University Botanic Garden 07:40 Great St Mary’s Church Tower 08:20 Beautiful Green Spaces 09:36 Food & Drink 12:38 Museums 16:02 Dinky Doors 16:38 The Round Church 17:12 More UK Travel Guides?USEFUL LINKS:Map of sights and attractions: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/edit?mid=1MLSS85BNYggmfzKOMEYl7-iXC_Zphq86&usp=sharingKings College Chapel and Grounds: https://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/visit/your-visitWalking tour we used: https://www.getyourguide.co.uk/cambridge-uk-l439/cambridge-student-guided-walking-tour-of-the-university-t91614/More walking tour options: https://sctg.org.uk/tours/Let’s Go Punting (the company we used): https://letsgopunting.co.uk/Scudamores (another highly rated punting company): https://www.scudamores.com/Great St Mary’s Church: https://www.greatstmarys.org/visitingCambridge University Museums (includes botanic garden): https://www.museums.cam.ac.uk/IWM Duxford: https://www.iwm.org.uk/visits/iwm-duxfordDinky Doors: https://www.dinkydoors.co.uk/Cambridge Round Church: https://roundchurchcambridge.org/
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36 responses to “12 Things To See & Do In CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND | UK Travel Guide”

  1. Our Travel Place Avatar

    Hey, thanks for watching! This time I added maps throughout the video to try and give a feel for the city layout, however I’m not sure if it’s a little over the top/unnecessary. Do you find maps in videos helpful, or would you prefer no maps and just look at a map yourself afterwards?

  2. Paranoid Genius Avatar

    Your voice is so lovely & gentle

  3. Enigmatic Britain Avatar

    Excellent informative and entertaining video.

  4. shelly shelly Avatar

    hi, may I know for how many days did you visited cambridge for the places mentioned?

  5. Ping Ping Lee Avatar

    An excellent and detailed video! Thank you so much for your sharing!❤

  6. For The Love Of Music Avatar

    Lovely vlog, but too much sibilance on the recording. I think you need a better mic. Subbed!

  7. Yaxye Sh Avatar

    I,m most interetig students those educated part of corresponding college accuontig in bussiness and management ilive in africa especialy somaliland i need yuo to give me more in formation abuot that

  8. AURASHADE Avatar

    Absolute fantastic video, thank you so much for making it. It's helped my planning for visiting Cambridge immensely!

  9. Colours of UK Avatar

    I'm going to move there and looking for room to rent in CB8 . Hopefully, if anyone can guide here. Thanks

  10. Akansha Avatar

    Visit this link to view Cambridge in winters https://youtu.be/8Sn3dBM8tDE

  11. Lucy Siow Avatar

    As a guest to Cambridge University, any accommodation nr by, hope to visi in the nr future.

  12. Lucy Siow Avatar

    Any guest hse nr the Cambridge University n

  13. Lucy Siow Avatar

    V impressive, beautiful peaceful country 👍

  14. CIWANE TV Avatar

    Thank you for informations 👍

  15. Talesinpixels Avatar

    I love Botanical Garden, it's one of the most beautiful places to be.

  16. Talesinpixels Avatar

    If this video doesn't inspire wanderlust, I don't know what will! – talesinpixels

  17. Paula's Lifestyle Vlogs Avatar

    Done to my wishlist 😌 ☺️ gad that I visited all these tourist attractions. Thank you 😊

  18. Ahmet Boran Avatar


  19. Robert Jones Avatar

    Good video as a Cambridge resident. Love your accent, from Lancaster.

  20. milton rivero Avatar

    Cambridge is so beautiful reminds me of my hometown Chicago Illinois i love England it has so much to offer things to see , to eat, sight seeing and more excellent review .

  21. King Khan Avatar

    Thanks, this video was very informative!

  22. Mr L Avatar

    Well presented 👌 thinking of going in October 🥳

  23. DT Morris Avatar

    Thank you so much for producing this video. My wife and I lived here during her academic career at Lucy Cavendish College. I miss this beautiful city so much. Your video help me revisit all of my favorites things.

  24. Mirza Ahmed Baig Avatar

    You didn't mention about Cambridge Central Mosque

  25. jay taylor Avatar

    Hello from Cambridge,I am surprised , that you do not mention, Girton and Queens Colleges, nice camera work though . Jay Cambridge

  26. J the gay jay Avatar

    I'd love to visit Cambridge one of these days maybe when I'm done with getting my health issues taken care of

  27. Demetrius Santos Avatar

    Sensational! thank you and regards from Brazil ! Getting there within a few days!

  28. mal big Avatar

    Yet again another video about Cambridge that does not mention the real Cambridge. The university is approximately 2% of what there is to see and do in Cambridge… Cambridge hosts so many other great things to see and do, none of which are mentioned here.

  29. Kim Iles Avatar

    If you have lost interest in life and you enjoy flat featureless vistas and people then you have hit the jackpot .Be prepared to collapse due to acute boredom it is an extremely boring town I have never been to a town as nondescript save your money or waste it in Cambridge. Good luck!!!!

  30. Melisa Martín Noutary Avatar

    Thanks for all the information!!! Wonderful video!

  31. Alex Sedak Avatar

    One Cambridge PhD who became a UK professor attacked and broke the nose of female colleague. Along with that he extorted this female colleague for 1000 pounds sterling and humiliated this female colleague in public places.

  32. Arc Angelo Avatar

    One Cambridge PhD who became a UK professor attacked and broke the nose of female colleague. Along with that he extorted this female colleague for 1000 pounds sterling and humiliated this female colleague in public places.

  33. Cambridge Vintage Tours Avatar

    How didn't we make your list ?? Unlike the walking and punting tours, we made it to the final in the East of England tourism awards for "Best Experience" in the East of England, and were then Highly commended making us (officially) the best tour in the City !!

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