🛃 Why Are American Veterans Retiring In Southeast Asia | Living In Southeast Asia | Expats

🛃 Why Are American Veterans Retiring In Southeast Asia | Living In Southeast Asia | Expats. 📹Get Your Free 7-Day Trial of the SUPER-EASY Video Software I Used to Create This Video https://www.contentsamurai.com/c/wayne12-cs-freetrial🧭 Do you want up to $76 AUD off your first trip when you go Airbnb? Press the link below. https://www.airbnb.com.au/c/waynem1146?currency=AUD❤️ Do you want to find a partner for the rest of your life, if the answer is yes, then press the link below. https://cupidlinks.com/?a=141060&c=112&p=r&s1=Why Are American Veterans retiring In South East Asia? It may be a case of unbelievable irony, but a number of US citizens and especially veterans have decided to move away from what they believed was, the ‘American dream’ as they settle down in foreign places, such as Vietnam and Cambodia, where many of them were once loathed as invaders. In this video, we discuss why American veterans are shunning their country and retiring in Southeast Asia. If this is your first time on the channel, or you have returned and enjoy the content, then please SUBSCRIBE and don’t forget to press the bell icon so you never miss out on upcoming videos and resources! Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, for many Americans are countries that invoke powerful memories and images of unspeakable violence, and perhaps the last places on earth you would think they would want to retire too. Yet, not only are more US veterans and retirees visiting Southeast Asia, an increasing number have decided to call it home. The reason? Many point to affordable healthcare, easy to acquire visas, cheap rent and a rising standard of living. Aging American baby boomers are living a lifestyle reminiscent of a beach lifestyle in Florida, but instead they are in Vietnam. Monthly expenses rarely exceed $2,000, even though they are living in a large Condo, which may even include a cook and a cleaner. This just might be the mother of all ironies though! Retired US soldiers and average American retirees would rather take their chances living abroad amongst their former enemies, rather than try to make ends meet on their pensions back home in the US. That doesn’t say much about the living conditions of a capitalist American system. In case you are un-aware, Vietnam is a socialist country, which is not deemed as a popular system in the US amongst its citizens. Yet the former veterans are not worried about the system of government, only the fact that they can live a decent, peaceful life. Although the Vietnamese government won’t reveal the exact number of American veterans and retirees now living permanently in the country, it is no secret the country has relaxed its visa requirements for many foreign citizens, including Americans. Cambodia, another nation that suffered immensely during years of war, is also proving to be very accommodating to foreigners that want a peaceful retirement. Bill, a former veteran who has been living in Ho Chi Min City with his Vietnamese wife, stated that since relocating to Vietnam, he has noticed a “definite” increase in the number of foreigners, especially Americans, and all of them seem to have different stories to tell. “Many of them served in Vietnam and just wanted to reconnect to a place that had such an emotional impact on their lives. Others are retirees who just wanted some adventure and decided to travel to Southeast Asia. But never in their wildest dreams, would they think they would end up staying. Not only are the Vietnamese and Cambodians extremely friendly and accommodating, but food, rent and public services like healthcare are extremely affordable. Plus, you are never far away from exotic locations like Thailand, The Philippines and the countries of Asia. For some US veterans and retirees, those factors are proving irresistible as they come to the grim conclusion, that their monthly pensions and Social Security benefits, barely cover the necessities in the states. Suicide rates among veterans have increased four of the last five years according to statistics.This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:https://link.attribute.to/cc/636973
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24 responses to “🛃 Why Are American Veterans Retiring In Southeast Asia | Living In Southeast Asia | Expats”

  1. The Indomitable Report Avatar

    Do you know or have met any American veterans that have retired in Southeast Asia?

  2. Alexei Darrylovich Avatar

    Vietnam should kick the American vets out. They got some nerve trying to move there.

  3. Richie McLaughlin Avatar

    what Asian country's have VA hospitals

  4. guffmulderEOD3119 Avatar

    I'm an Aussie Veteran and I am looking into retiring in Malaysia. I am interested in the Penang area, as I was did a few deployments to Butterworth Airbase during the 1990's.

  5. Jay Dwy Avatar

    Can you keep your military benefits if you live in another country?

  6. Brad Fradette Avatar

    Vietnam is currently getting rid of foreigners on a business visa and tourist visa, etc.

  7. Brad Fradette Avatar

    There is not RETIREMENT visa for visa. Unless you work there or are married to a local.

  8. Izan Avatar

    Retire living in Malaysian very good place ..

  9. Sid Luscious Avatar

    Just use computer voice to pick up philippine girls, they go crazy like you walking atm

  10. Ildefonso Cruz Avatar

    Vietnam. Cambodia. Laos. Philippines. These are the places of their YOUTH. HEALTHY. BRAVE. FEARLESS and Romance. American veterans wants to RELIVE their youth. Memories comes back. And ask questions like are these people our enemies ? Just the same. Going back to the places of their youth makes them young again. Some veterans wear their vietnam v
    War era jackets or pants. I think the memories associated with the place made them strong. Young again. These are the places of their youth. Young. Healthy. Fearless and Romantic.

  11. SMPLfi Avatar

    This is an outdated view of American's, if our elders want to move there, why wouldn't the younger generations know that as well? We have no memories of the Vietnam war, just education. You can love the hell out of your country and still love other countries. Thus even nationalist have the capacity to love foreign lands! <3

  12. M. C Avatar

    the more american influence I see in Asia the less I like as a european to be there

  13. Aaron Avatar

    Because “Florida man”

  14. Art Thurman Avatar

    Interesting subject. Too bad you cannot do your own narration. No thumbs…try to improve. Cannot support your data? No references? Why?

  15. Traveler Avatar

    Vietnam Visa Changing. Only 30 day stay at a time then boarder run. Just what I am hearing. Will have to wait when immigration policy changes in July 2020

  16. Insert username Avatar

    Well cheap fresh vajayjay is everywhere. Hence the decision.

  17. Blizzard99 Avatar

    Because South east asia abundance supply of cheap whores…

  18. Ginger Teddy Avatar

    I think because South East Asia is more peaceful than USA.

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