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Where to stay in Crete – The 7 best areas & towns

15 May 2023

In this video, I am going through the 7 best areas and towns in Crete to spend your holiday.
It’s a big island and so easy to get lost in the many destinations, no wonder you may find it difficult to understand where to stay in Crete.

You will see what works best for a trip with kids, or a romantic break away with your partner. A quiet and relaxing stay or a crazy holiday with daily clubbing.

Check out these highly suggested places to stay:
Best resort in Crete for couples:
Best resort for families:
Top 5-star hotel in Crete:
Best beach hotel in Crete:
Best Airbnb in Chania:
Best Airbnb in Rethymnon:

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More info as maps, best hotels, top restaurants

Where to stay in Crete [best and worst areas]

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Where to stay in Crete for best beaches
03:03 Best areas for couples
04:21 Best places in Crete for families
05:30 Best area for nightlife
06:20 Heraklion
07:16 Rethymno


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