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Thailand Travel by Train – Is it safe? Clean? First & Second Class: A closer look.

14 May 2023

Considering travelling around Thailand via train? This quick video guide will show you the 2nd, and 1st class compartments on the newer trains. Check before you buy tickets, to see if your route will be covered by one of the newer trains- or the older ones (the difference is significant).

Copyright/Credits: All video footage is under copyright to it’s rightful creator. Please do not copy or distribute in part or whole without my permission.

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Video footage recorded using my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I know. Embarrassing. Not to worry, significant improvements in gear, and editing will come in later videos.

About Us:

I’m PJ. My partner, inspiration, trainer, chef, and moral compass, Risa, are what we (reluctantly) refer to as, digital nomads. I say, reluctantly, as I’ve been living the digital nomad lifestyle for about 15 years now (long before the term was coined, and became the cheesy trend it is today. It seems that everyone these days on vacation with a laptop, a pina colada next to them, Avicii on their headphones, and a dozen memory sticks filled with selfies now considers themselves a (don’t forget the hashtag) digital nomad.

I started out at age 19. I quit my job at the time, to focus on the then still relatively unknown arbitrage business model as applied on eBay. Long story short, I saw an opportunity, invested all I had in it (time + money) and by my early 20s, I no longer had any interest in returning to Canada (where I grew up). I bounced mostly around Asia, for many years (all the usual nomad hotspots: Thailand, Vietnam, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, with a preference for Japan (lived all over Japan, from Tokyo, to the most remote Japanese islands in the Pacific).

In late 2013, one of my returns to Tokyo, I met a captivating young woman, Risa, who helped me to re-calibrate my high-flyin’, rock-star lifestyle and regain focus. Within a few months of meeting, she elected to quit her job in Tokyo and joined me on this nomadic journey. This channel, will document our perpetual traveller lifestyle. It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun. There are highs and lows. Sometimes money is very tight, other times it seems like it’s the least of our worries. But when done right, the digital nomad lifestyle is a journey unlike any other.

Over the last few years, we generally stay off the beaten path and instead venture into areas seldom spoken about in digital nomad circles. You won’t see us visiting Bali, Saigon, or Bangkok. Been there, got the SIM card, and still feel a bit hungover.

As we travel, we focus on personal growth, on disconnecting, unlearning, and thus thriving. We attempt to engage in philanthropy when we can. We respect the cultures kind enough to allow us to visit their land and their homes.

Feel free to send us feedback, comments, suggestions. Thank you for taking an interest in our journey. More videos of exotic places, stories, and people, will be uploaded weekly. As a demonstration of my gratitude to you for taking an interest in us, I will continue improving the quality of the content I create for you on a regular basis.

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PJ, and Risa

Zapraszamy do nas pisać po polsku.


Trastra Visa Card
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17 thoughts on “Thailand Travel by Train – Is it safe? Clean? First & Second Class: A closer look.”

  • Avatar of Sam Jennings

    I didn't expect Thai trains to be that nice and clean, but that open berth sleeper was lit up like an all-night laundromat. Were the blinding bright lights dimmed for sleeping?

  • Avatar of MysteriousDrella

    In 2016 I went by train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, but on an older looking one, with blue curtains and without tv screens. Was first class I think. No western toilet… but I managed (luckily only nr. 1). But second time I went it looked more like a rent-a-potty after day 3 on a music festival: stench, water container to flush was empty,… but it was ok, still looked clean. Also, our beds were ridden with fleas (saw them hopping, I killed 10 or so) and we got bitten all over our legs, the hallway was filled with suitcases and peoples sandals, and snoring. We also took a daytrain: and that was lots better! We got a nice breakfast and a lunch included, however, my table was botched and kept falling down so my travelling partner spilled stuff everywhere while trying to fix it … luckily we could clean up the mess quite easily. Very friendly people in the trains though. The employees try their very best to help everyone.

  • Avatar of Dave Connell

    Great video. A few weeks ago my wife and I travelled on the overnight trains in one of the older first class cabins from Bangkok to Chumporn on our way to Koh Tao an island off the southern coast of Thailand. It was clean and comfortable and we enjoyed the trip. One thing that puzzled me was that the first class car had a squat toilet and the second class car had a western toilet that everyone went and smoked in. Glad I didn't have to sit on it. other than that it was great.

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