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Charleston and Savannah | Comparing 2 Southern Cities

12 May 2023

Wondering which city to go to?! In this video, we compare both charming southern gems to give you a quick overview of which city we think you should visit.



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38 thoughts on “Charleston and Savannah | Comparing 2 Southern Cities”

  • Avatar of Jabez Gill

    I don’t think you knew of all the places to see in Savannah… Fort Sumter in Charleston, but there is Fort Pulaski right outside the city on the way to Tybee Island

    Plus the Telfair Museum and SO MANY other museums in the city. There is so much to do in Savannah.

    But both are awesome towns.

  • Avatar of choski76

    Which is better for bicyclists? When we vacation, we ride bikes to tour the tourist areas and we ride for distance. Rides of 25 to 35 miles and enjoy scenery

  • Avatar of Crypto

    Charleston easily, 1 the food. Charleston has some of the best seafood of any city I’ve ever been in. Known for renowned chefs. The food alone makes it better. 2 aesthetics clean/charming/rich/historic. The many plantations close by/the zoo/ fort Sumter/ the amazing carriage ridges. The shopping. Easily Charleston.

  • Avatar of Madd Jack

    As a transplant to Charleston, SC this is my opinion. Driving over the rivers of Charleston is beautiful. But nothing beats downtown Savannah. The smell of the mud when going into West Ashley or James Island is an experience. But setting around the fountain in Forsyth Square on a weekend is too. I guess I'm blessed in being able to choose which city I want to experience when I want.

  • Avatar of Rick Peluso

    I like Savannah much better: the squares, and the Jim Williams saga. Its also walkable, history everywhere. Oh, and the Jim Williams story that put this city in the map to stay. So many you tubers fail to mention him. That alone puts this city ahead. And close by Fort Mcallister. Skidaway island S.P.

  • Avatar of phantom357

    I loved Savanah simply because of its walkability. We stayed in the historic district, which put us in walking distance to almost everything including the River walk!! We would like to visit Charleston, but is it as walkable?

  • Avatar of Cosmotron

    I just got back from Savannah and found it awesome; but, I did speak with other tourists on my Ghost Tour and they spoke in favor of Charleston, they found it both charming and historically-well preserved.

  • Avatar of guido kaz

    As germans we visited Charleston ( isle of palms) during xmas. We loved it. Great coffe shops. Perfect Plantatinons and Nice people. Unusally colder than in Germany 😂😂 But your Inflation prices are crazy😢

  • Avatar of william anderson

    I love white folks you cannot mention Charleston South Carolina and Savannah Georgia without mentioning slavery hanging killing beatings racism bigotry silver right housing discrimination and downright unethical Behavior by some whites

  • Avatar of Tamekka Knuth

    Merry Christmas to my niece and nephew, brother, and sister-in-law and rest of inlaws I havent met before.I love ya and glad I met you for the first time on Facebook!! 🙂 have a great Christmas and chose 😊

  • Avatar of Mel Brown

    I live close to Charleston but have visited Savannah. I like Charleston much better than Savannah. I’m thankful for where I live!

  • Avatar of Gordon Allen

    BOTH are beautiful and historic. I would visit both if I was in the area. I enjoyed both starting in Savannah, and ending my visit in Charleston.

  • Avatar of Alejandra Muzquiz

    Charleston is overrated and girl; you are being biased. Savannah is the absolute winner. I visit both cities in the same trip and spend the same amount of days in each. Charleston is boring and overpriced.

  • Avatar of Lindsay Hengehold

    I live in Savannah & love it but haven’t been to Charleston yet 🙁
    I’m from Silicon Valley & recently moved to Savannah

  • Avatar of K.W

    I just looked at how much more expensive Charleston is than Savannah, Its COL is almost identical to Atlanta. at 101,4. Savannahs is 92.

  • Avatar of 5D Ranch

    Fort Pulaski at Savannah, you mentioned fort Sumter. Typical review " Plan your visit to Ft Pulaski to take in the NPS tour of the fort. Our guide was excellent in his explanation of the construction, armament and the action that took place during the Civil War. If you only have time or interest in one of Ft Pulaski or Ft Sumter (Charleston harbor) take in Ft Pulaski. Walk around the outside of the fort to see damage from the bombardment and spot cannonballs still imbedded in the walls. Visitor Center outside the fort was closed but sounded like it would open soon." Austin from MD

  • Avatar of 5D Ranch

    I like your review, however, there are plenty of horse drawn carriages in Savannah. The Ghost tour in Savannah is fun. A ton of history in Savannah, but what tops it all off is Tybee Island. Tybee was considered one of the best small town beaches in the United States. Having been to both, I prefer Savannah mostly because of Tybee.

  • Avatar of Jason Strader

    I have lived in both cities, there are good and bad to both of them. That said, I prefer Charleston and could see myself retiring there. Savannah is nice and there is a lot to see, they are not really that far apart so I tell friends go see both when they are going to one or the other.

  • Avatar of kevin mcphillips

    The biggest difference maker beachwise between CHS and SAV is that Charleston has more than just one island, Folly Beach as you described in your comparison. There are three others besides Folly just a short drive from Charleston, each very unique. Sullivan's Island is actually closer to Charleston than Folly and has a way more of a relaxed vibe than Folly with some amazing dining options in its business district. Also, just north of Sullivans is Isle of Palms. A gorgeous beach with a very active business district of its own and lots of beach volleyball. Also just south of Folly Beach is Kiawah, probably the most beautiful beach on the entire Southeast coast and a perennial winner of Mr. Beach's cleanest water. Beachwalker Park on the southern end of the island is teaming with native birds and dolphins.

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