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Best Places to Visit in PORTSMOUTH | New Hampshire (2018)

14 May 2023

Day 1 of my road trip in New Hampshire started off with exploring the best places to visit in Portsmouth NH and the nearby Atlantic coast.

The day started off with a trip to the Strawbery Banke Museum (see video) and after I took a bit of time to explore the colonial town and it’s famous brick urban buildings.

A huge rainstorm did no stop me from heading off to nearby New Castle Island to see the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. Did not quite make it up close but I witnessed the most epic rainbow ever.

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Finally, the sky cleared up and the sun came back out. Perfect time to hit the road along the Atlantic coast. A stop at Periwinkle Cove is a must to admire Rock Sculpture point.

And I finished off the day with a dip in the ocean at Wallis Sands State Beach.

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22 thoughts on “Best Places to Visit in PORTSMOUTH | New Hampshire (2018)”

  • Avatar of Derek Davis

    Most free state in a few categories, and lowest crime, i think I would like it there I'm super nice, so I might blend in.

  • Avatar of Doug MacRay

    You call Portsmouth “Portland” in your opening monologue. That mistake would draw you a fast correction from us locals. Glad you had fun and Safe travels.

  • Avatar of Travel Pockets

    I stopped by Portsmouth years ago and it's such a charming town. Wish I would have stopped by the area with the lighthouse and old battery fort. Would have been cool to see. Wow, the rain really came down that day, hahaha! Glad it calmed down for you 🙂

  • Avatar of Ella McKendrick

    Wow, a perfect rainbow 😍 nature is absolutely beautiful. Portsmouth looks like a cute town. I love all the red-brick buildings. So characterful! I didn't realise about the fire. It's such a shame about that.

  • Avatar of STUFR - Travel & Food

    looks like such an awesome place. That rainbow was epic! The piles of rocks remind me of Iceland, there they call it fairy houses (elves)

  • Avatar of Parichay Mehta

    Corn muffin? That is a new thing for me. The garden & the streets are looking really pretty, is it a very peaceful town? I don't know why but I really LOVE lighthouses. You're too lucky because you got to see an amazing rainbow!

  • Avatar of HotMamaTravel

    Love all the brick buildings. That rain was wild, but the rainbow was worth it. Glad to made it the beach….I love those house on the beach.

  • Avatar of davyc3

    Raining while you visiting somewhere sucks, but you probably won't see that epic rainbow if it wasn't for the rain!

  • Avatar of Bugs & Bears

    Sorry to hear you went into the rain, Evelyne. Hm… regarding your rain question… so actually for our recent trip (especially through Alaska) we expected a lot of rainy days and geared ourselves up with rain jackets and even trousers, to even hike during the rain. And what happened, we had weeks and weeks of sunshine, throughout Alaska and Canada, which is not so likely. Wow, a rainbow that is going through from left to right is really epic! Keep it up! Doris & Matthias 🐻

  • Avatar of Look Who's Blogging

    Corn muffin? how's that different than a corn bread? Ah, I like the brick buildings. too bad it started raining. looks pretty hard too!! and too bad the lighthouse was closed. Cool rainbow tho! i like the rock piles. Mmm. food looks good. Natasha again!!! Ooh, I wanna try the lobster BLT!!

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