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5 Best Fresh Markets to Visit in Paris (Street Food Tour)

12 May 2023

Discover the 5 best fresh markets to visit during your stay in Paris. There are 64 Fresh Markets (Marchés) in Paris but they are not open every day. So in this video, we’ll show you the 5 best and tell you which day & time they are open. Enjoy!

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📍 Marché Maubert-Mutualite

📍 Marché Place Monge

📍 Marché Grenelle

📍 Marché Beauvau-Aligre

📍 Marché Place de la Bastille

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After 32 years in the US, the Duponts moved to France where Antoine was born. Antoine is rediscovering his homeland and sharing it with his American wife Colleen. With the help of his brother Vincent, a renowned Restaurateur (and food snob).

They are on a quest to find the best France has to offer.

There are over 35,000 villages in France, all with their own history, culture, and food. We are on a journey to discover as many of them as we can together. Let’s go.

🥖🍷 Food & Vines. 🎭 🏰 Culture & History. 🎨 🌳 Art & Nature.


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Colleen Dupont – Branding, Identity Coach & cooking enthusiast
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30 thoughts on “5 Best Fresh Markets to Visit in Paris (Street Food Tour)”

  • Avatar of Yuri Gourov

    Dear Colleen and Antoine! What about prices at Paris’ street markets? Is it cheaper to buy various produce items: vegetables, cheeses, olives, charcuterie, etc. at the street markets than at supermarkets or épiceries, fromageries or charcuteries?

  • Avatar of William Morris

    Just returned from 8 days in Paris. Used the Metro all 8 0:00 days, shopped in a marche every day in the 15th arrondissement. Ate at a brasserie call Suffrens on Rue de Suffren 3 or 4 nites, Picolettos etc. Thanx for all your videos. The food and wine tasting in Las Mara is and Montemarte(sp?)

  • Avatar of Anne Bialecki

    I noticed at the marche at the Bastille you paid cash. Do they take card payment too? I’m interested in deciding how much cash to bring with me. Cheers from 🇦🇺

  • Avatar of Vicente E. Díaz.

    Hi! I'm a mexican student starting his master in public health in Paris in August. I'm currently looking for an apartment and how to make a bank account, basically the arrengments to live there for 2 years. I'd love to see a video about housing and pricing in Paris or around it. I just discovered your channel and I love it. Hope you make more videos!

  • Avatar of miyosu sugihara

    Can you talk about the roving bans of Gypsy kids that mob you and within a few seconds pick you pockets clean, take as many valuables that you have on you and disappear in a flash? I got mobbed by the Eiffel Tower and within a few seconds about eight of them took most of my cash, wallet, camera, watch, and anything not nailed down on me.

  • Avatar of mgparis

    Grenelle is local for me and my fave. When I take visiting tourists they find it hilarious that there are bras next to fish 🙂
    I have built a huge costume jewellery and scarf collection from there, and I like that being under the metro, you're covered in case it rains!

  • Avatar of Catherine Barone

    Can you tell me what you often say when you are getting ready to go. It sounds like "Aller….." but I can't catch all the words and I'd like to know what you are saying. I love your videos. You present everything in a way that is very inviting! You are living my dream. Thanks so much!

  • Avatar of Elaine Kielbasa

    I want to know more about the cheese sous vid. I live in California and going to Paris in July. How do I transport cheese back to the USA? In my carry on or do I pack it? I understand it is air packed, but I just need to know where do I put it and how long will it keep in the sous vid bag? Thank you

  • Avatar of Jennifer O'Neil

    Heading to Paris for the first time to celebrate our 30th and our son's first anniversaries in May. Your videos have been so helpful in planning, so thank you! Just curious, are the marchés about the same prices as the stores? (Here in the U.S., items at farmers markets tend to be quite a bit more than at the stores.)

  • Avatar of Laura Cynthia

    I am from England where i work as a journalist until i met Expert Mrs Amanda K Mrs Amanda K is legit and her method works like magic. I keep earning every single week with her new strategy.

  • Avatar of Jerry Miller

    These markets make you wonder about the infrastructure of French food: The farmers, the artisans, the cottage industries, and the hard-working vendors themselves. It's not just the market but a lot of unseen economics leading up to this consumer experience. No wonder the little corner grocery stores were so tiny! People come to the markets for good fresh food and it's so available that they can buy it several times a week. . . . but I'm not sure if you could take that cheese back with you to the states on a plane. When I flew back, they had pretty strict requirements around food. Not sure but it's possible the bacteria in the cheese could contaminate American cheeses or bacteria somehow. Maybe it's largely political, but they were very strict.

  • Avatar of Cathy Howard

    I will be in Paris in May 2023. Are some of these markets open then? Not many fresh fruits and vegetabl're ready for market in the spring. Asparagus and strawberries, maybe??

  • Avatar of mili

    Hi Frenchies, thank you so much with all your comments, I"m following almost every video you show. My question is… is it possible to pay in us dollars? say supermarkets, coffee shops, souvenirs?? Thanks a lot!!!

  • Avatar of SkylerMatthew Wagner

    What have been the most recent food supply chain issues ?

    Here in the States we have egg and chicken supply issues due to avian flu outbreaks.

  • Avatar of Patrick Harvey

    My wife and I are going to Paris next week (Thanksgiving week) and are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

    We have enjoyed all of your videos.

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