Kenley Kids Travel Tray, Toddler Car Seat Lap Tray, Road Trip Essentials Activity Table,16.5 x 13.5 Inches (Blue/Gray)

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buy now [ad_1] Product Description Kenley Kids car seat travel activity tray travelingKenley Kids car seat travel activity tray traveling Is That A Pickle Chip?

Maybe a really old potato chip? Who knows? Between the toys and broken crayons scattered about, it’s hard to tell what anything is in the back seat anymore….

That’s where we come in!

Whether your child is hungry or bored, we’ve got the tray that does it all! The original Kenley Kids Travel Tray was thoughtfully designed (Patent D924782) with your child in mind. From toddlers to tweens and everything in between, your child will stay engaged and entertained WHEREVER you go. You’ll wonder how you went without one for so long!

kids travel trays pink blue red carseat tray table lap deskkids travel trays pink blue red carseat tray table lap desk

Babies will want to stuff every toy they own in it, toddlers will enjoy drawing, coloring, puzzles and more, while older kids can use it to do homework on the go!

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Perfect Portability

Our portability can’t be beat with a fully collapsible design and a comfortable padded carrying strap. It doesn’t matter where you need to go, you can pack up a Kenley Kids Tray in no time!

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Will it fit my car seat? Our trays were designed to be universally compatible with most car seats on the market. The fit will vary from seat to seat depending on the width and design of the armrests. It’s important to adjust the included strap for a snug fit to keep the tray in place.

Will it work with rear facing car seats? Yes! The only thing you must keep in mind is that the angle at which the tray will rest will normally match the angle of the car seat. So when used on a rear facing car seat, the tray might be tilted back a bit.

How firm is it? Our trays were designed to be firm enough to provide a stable surface for activities yet not so rigid that it would be a safety hazard in the event of an accident. The base of the tray is firm but pliable.

Does it stand up by itself? Our lap trays are intended to rest on a child’s lap with the side pockets/flaps hanging down on either side of your child. The included strap should be used to secure the tray in place by wrapping it around your child or their car seat…whichever provides a more optimal fit. They can be used with or without a car seat, with a stroller, on a plane or even on the couch.

How do I clean it? We recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth or wet wipe. For tougher stains, you may use a mild soap solution or spray & wipe with a mild water/vinegar solution. Allow it to air dry at room temperature.

Why is this tray so popular? Quite simply, it’s just a step above the rest. Not only have we put an enormous amount of thought into our patented design and the materials we use but the craftsmanship makes it a truly premium product that will last for years to come.


Kenley Kids Inc. is a family owned company born out of necessity and creativity. We LOVE and KNOW kids too!

Our founders, became parents in 2012; their hearts were full and their house quickly became full too! They quickly learned the difference between the “must-have” products and the trendy, useless clutter.

As their family mobilized, they realized the need for kid-approved travel products. Their first product, “The Kenley Kids Travel Tray,” is the first successful launch from a company that is proud to bring quality, life-changing products into your home.

Our mission is to create quality products with useful function to make mom and dad’s life easier and we believe our car seat tray will bring your family one step closer to that goal!

Storage Room To Spare – With a medium sized tablet pouch (10”w), two cup holders and a removable/collapsible storage compartment, you’ll have more room to know what to do with! There are two large zippered pockets and additional mesh pockets for even more storage capacity. So, no matter how many crayons, travel toys, or snacks you need to bring with you, you can make sure you have room for it all.
Road Trip Essential – Are you the travelling kind? Our fully collapsible design makes transport a breeze, and the padded carrying strap makes it that much easier… even when the little ones are trying to make it hard!
More For Your Money- Build to last with 900D oxford polyester! Our fully reinforced 4″ sidewalls keep food, coloring supplies, and toys in place, and not all over your car. The padded waterproof surface offers superior comfort for your child, while at the same time saving you clean up time. Large heavy duty buckles ensures the tray stays in place, and we’ve even crash tested it to ensure it’s as safe as can be.
Lifetime Warranty – We take a lot of pride in the quality we’ve been able to produce, and because of that, we offer a full lifetime warranty on every tray that leaves our door. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we will always be there if you need us. From refund to a full replacement, we’ll be here to handle any issues that arise, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!
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